Two-month-old baby dies after father throws cell phone at him in GO

Civil Police are investigating the father of a two-month-old boy who died in Valparaíso de Goiás (GO) after allegedly being hit by a cell phone thrown by the suspect.

The case was registered on Thursday (19), after the child’s father and mother took the baby to a hospital in the municipality of Santa Maria. The child was hospitalized and died on Saturday (1).

The man, who did not have his identity revealed, was taken in for clarification and, at the police station, stated that he had argued with his wife, placed his son in a baby comfort next to her, seen a message he did not like on his cell phone and threw the device. .

“He said he threw the device with the intention of breaking it, but ended up throwing it on the child and resulting in tragedy,” said the delegate responsible for the case, Samya Barros, in an interview with UOL.

According to her, the couple said they forgot the device in an app car. The phone has been recovered and will be forensic. The driver of the vehicle was heard by the police.

“He confirmed that he heard the two arguing, he did not hear the information that the baby was sleeping in the comfort baby, but that they were arguing and he threw the cell phone and hit the child”, explained the delegate.

The baby’s father is investigated for bodily harm followed by death. As he provided assistance to the child immediately and provided clarification to the police, he is free to respond.

The suspect’s name has not been revealed and, so far, the UOL did not identify his defense.

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