Video shows players in hotel where there would have been rape – 10/03/2022 – Sports

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro analyzes security camera footage from a hotel that, according to the investigation, show Botafogo-SP players entering the room of a woman who accuses them of rape.

Alcimara Ventura, 27, filed a complaint against athletes Eduardo Hatamoto and João Diogo Jennings. She alleges that she was touched without consent, in addition to having suffered an assault while resisting. She was in her room, at dawn on September 26, with Lucas Delgado, another athlete at the club whose contract was terminated after the repercussion of the case.

Wanted, the players did not want to manifest. Jennings’ attorney did not return the report’s contact. The case, which took place a week ago, was registered as rape and assault at the 4th DP (Central).

THE Sheet had access to images of the hotel corridor where the athletes were staying and where the crime would have taken place. In them, Alcimara appears entering a room with Delgado.

Afterwards, other players appear in the hallway. Among them, the police identified Eduardo Hatamoto (long pants and white shirt) and João Diogo Jennings (black shirt), who takes off his shorts and stands in his underwear in the hallway.

Watch video from the hotel’s hallway security camera

About 20 minutes after the couple’s entry, Jennings and Hatamoto, according to police, knock on the bedroom door. A short time later, the images show the woman leaving, passing one hand over her face and, with the other, holding sandals. In testimony, she said she was crying after being bitten on one of her breasts by Hatamoto.

Still in the images it is possible to see that one of the athletes, who the police say is Hatamoto, follows her in the hallway and takes her to another room. The two stay at the scene for seven minutes, according to police. Then she takes the elevator.

According to Alcimara told the Sheet, she and Delgado, after entering the room, started touching each other with consent, but that changed when they went to shower. “When we got to the room, Lucas called me into the shower. I told him to get a condom, said he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to get the condom and came inside, which happened quickly.” According to the delegate responsible for the case, this can already constitute rape.

Also according to Alcimara’s version, at that moment, there was a knock on the bedroom door. “He (Delgado) got out of the shower, I still said ‘don’t open the door’, but he did.”

She says that two men entered the room and that she recognized them as the same men who were in the nightclub where she met Delgado: Jennings and Hatamoto.

According to her, the players who entered the room touched her body. “I was still wearing a towel, Lucas started to pack his suitcase, and I started to get dressed. Diogo and Eduardo started to straighten me, and I told them to stop. I looked at Lucas, and he ignored me. Laughing , Diogo lay down on the bed in his underwear and said: ‘She’s a marrenta whore'”, reported Alcimara.

She also said that at that moment the assault took place. “That’s when Eduardo came up to me. I understood that they wanted sex, and I said that I didn’t want to, that I wanted to leave. Eduardo then said: ‘Let’s see if she really is a marrenta’. bit my breast while I was putting on the dress”, she says.

The case continues to be investigated. In a statement, the club said it awaits the conclusion of the investigation to “decide what other actions will be taken against the other two athletes”.

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