Why Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman Spinoff Never Happened

Michelle Pfeiffer’s appearance as Cat Woman inside Batman returns inspired screenwriter Daniel Waters to begin work on a Catwoman spin-off film that, sadly, was never made. Tim Burton’s Two Batman Movies bat Man and Batman returns were successful at the box office, but their dark tone was controversial, as some felt that Burton’s films overstepped the bounds of their PG-13 ratings. disappointed with Batman Returns’ box office, and concerned about the tone of the franchise going forward, Warner Bros. handed over control to Joel Schumacher; waiting for him to drive the bat Man franchise back into more familiar territory.

Inside Batman returns, Selina Kyle survives a deadly fall and becomes Catwoman’s master thief. Leading a double life, Selina dates Bruce Wayne (Micheal Keaton) while Catwoman partners with the Penguin (Danny DeVito) to take down Batman. At the end of the film, Catwoman is apparently killed in an explosion, but, with no corpse to identify, Batman wonders if Catwoman/Selina Kyle survived. While Warner Bros. was disappointed with Burton’s approach to Batman, they were happy with Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman and, according to Waters (via bloody disgusting), the studio “divorced Tim Burton and gave him Catwoman in the deal.

This eventually led to a Catwoman spin-off being put into development, but ultimately never materialized. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman spinoff never got beyond the first draft, despite both Waters and Pfeiffer being on board. Tim Burton dropped out of the DC Comics world, and without him directing, Warner Bros. wasn’t interested. The character would eventually head her own film, played by Halle Berry, but the 2004 Cat Woman would go down as one of the worst movies in the superhero genre. With Catwoman having been revived in more recent Batman films, there could one day be renewed interest in the anti-heroine getting her own spinoff movie, or even a series. Still, it would have been interesting to see Daniel Waters’ version.

What We Know About Catwoman’s Canceled Series

Catwoman looking at the camera in Batman Returns

Canceled by Daniel Waters Cat Woman The script, dated 1995, takes place in the artificially glowing city of Oasisburg and was to star Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle. After a bout of amnesia following the events of Batman returns, she vows to take down a group of ruthless crooks called the Cult of Good, who are disguised as a superhero team. Oasisburg is a tourist destination full of gullible guests “protected” by this not-so-superhero team formed by the “toll booth size” Mammoth; O “agile and agile” Spooky; the irresistible Adonis; O “huskily arrogant” Cactus; and its leader, Captain Deus. Like Homelander and The Seven from The boys the Culto do Bem is more concerned with merchandise and public perception than with the end of crime.

Selina realizes that she is the only one who can stop the Cult of Good and, after mocking the team, Catwoman breaks the illusion of perfection the Cult has cast on Oasisburg, inspiring an army of Catwomen to revolt across the city. There are Catwomen”of all shapes, sizes, colors – High fashion, low fashion, no fashion. Some even have tails.“The scene is a mix of cartoon violence and dark commentary as the Catwomen exact revenge on their oppressors. At one point in the film, a fight between Catwoman and Spooky (whom Waters hoped would be played by Michelle Yeoh) causes those around her to explode into a “multi-layered, full throttle cat fight” unlike anything seen in Tim Burton’s canceled DC Universe.

As Catwoman pulls out the Cult of Good, Selina Kyle is caught in a love triangle between wealthy architect (and Bruce Wayne parody) Brock Leviathan and successful investigative reporter Lewis Lane. The scenes involving Selina and the two men are fun and tense as she tries to figure out which of her love interests is also the civilian alter-ego of her enemy Captain God. At the end, Cat Woman must free a group of civilians trapped inside a casino that is set to explode. Unfortunately, Batman returns it’s the only time the public has gotten to see Michelle Pfeiffer in the clutches.

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