Young Englishman who never dated ‘advertises himself’ on billboard looking for love

23-year-old Ed Chapman has never dated. Troubled by this, he came up with a bold idea: he decided to advertise himself as a good match on a billboard, in an attempt to get love. The resident of Leeds, England, had no luck with conventional methods of finding a mate, such as dating apps, he told the English newspaper DailyMail.

The Englishman has hired a company to install a giant billboard on the M621 road towards his town, hoping to finally be able to have a first date. In the image, he appears with a bouquet of flowers and the message “date me”, something like “meet me” or “go out with me”, in free translation.

The young man’s unusual attitude surprised his family. But apparently it worked, as Ed told the newspaper that he received messages from people between the ages of 18 and 48 and is now organizing for dates.

“I’ve reached an age where I think I should have at least one date in my life. I’ve been single for 23 years and I’m ready to meet someone, who I hope to start a relationship with. I used a few dating apps but it didn’t work out too well. So , I decided I needed to try something else and thought it would be a good way to meet people, have my own billboard,” Ed said.

The young man claims that several companies rejected the billboard production proposal, before he got one that would accept it.

Ed explains that the idea came about as he was walking through Leeds city center and seeing many large billboards. While not a traditional dating method, he believes the alternative suits his good-natured personality.

“It’s kind of silly and I don’t like to take life too seriously, so I think using a billboard to find a girlfriend reflects that. I drew the board myself and took my own photo, which was one of the hardest things. attempts, but luckily I got one that was good enough. I wanted the message to be clear and what I was looking for was clear,” he emphasized, who included a contact email.

Ed says he’s glad he got out of his comfort zone and is excited about their future encounters. In addition, he stated that the first women who were in contact with him thought the billboard was a good and funny idea.

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