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from disney Alice’s Wonderland Bakery iis just the most recent portrayal of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s classic novels, a character who has appeared in a wide variety of films and television series. Clearly, then, there is still something fascinating and amusing about the story of the girl who finds herself transported to the magical world of Wonderland.

There are, in fact, countless portraits of Alice in film and TV history, so it’s worth looking at some of the most notable and well-received of them, as measured by their IMDb score.

10/10 Alice in Wonderland (2010) – 6.4

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Alice in a blue dress looking confused

Tim Burton is one of the most notable directors working in Hollywood, and most of his films bear his particular aesthetic. Of particular note is Alice in Wonderlandwhich is his retelling of the story as it has been commonly told.

It features many of Burton’s usual collaborators, including Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter (who played the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, respectively). Mia Wasikowska also brings out the inner strength of the character Alice and this, combined with the film’s brilliant visuals, is testament to Burton’s formidable cinematic imagination.

9/10 Alice in Wonderland (1986) – 7.2

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Alice with the March Hare and the Mad Hatter at the tea party in the BBC 1986 version

Often, when filmmakers choose to adapt Alice’s story, they choose to reorganize it or strip away some of its more whimsical elements. This is not the case with this BBC version, which manages to be incredibly faithful to the original story.

While this results in a few pacing issues here and there, for the most part it manages to capture the whimsy – and even the danger – that were fundamental parts of the original novel. Just as important, it also features some truly extraordinary makeup and prosthetics, which help to capture the magical nature of Wonderland itself. This version’s Alice has just the right mix of innocence and ingenuity that has long made the character a favorite in Alice-inspired film, television and video games.

8/10 Alice (2009) – 7.2

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Alice and the Mad Hatter walking in the woods in the 2009 Syfy adaptation

Syfy was responsible for many fascinating series, and one of its most extraordinary offerings was Alice. In keeping with some of Alice’s other portrayals, she takes some liberties with the story, starting by setting her own narrative 150 years after the original events.

It has a grittier feel that’s a bit at odds with other iterations of the story, but that’s precisely what makes it so fascinating. It also features very strong special effects (especially for Syfy) and several notable cast members Kathy Bates and Tim Curry. Caterina Scorsone brings a toughness to her portrayal of Alice, reinforced by the fact that she is a martial artist.

7/10 Alice in Wonderland (1985) – 7.2

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Alice looking scared in the 1985 version of Alice in Wonderland

The 1980s were a particularly fruitful decade for retellings of the Alice in Wonderland story. This version is unmistakably familiar, the kind of made-for-TV movie that was very common at that particular time. To be sure, some of the acting might seem a little corny (particularly from a 2022 perspective), but there’s no denying that the story is true to the lighthearted and whimsical nature of the original story.

Natalie Gregory is an ideal Alice, with her shiny blonde hair and her wide-eyed general innocence. As a result, she comes to embody the very things that have long made her one of the most popular characters to ever appear in children’s fiction.

6/10 Alice (1988) – 7.4

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Alice sitting on the floor with toys and dolls in the 1988 version of Alice in Wonderland

While the original story is, for the most part, quite whimsical, there’s also a dark tension to it that has proven to be an especially fruitful area of ​​exploration for some adaptations. That includes Alice, one of the more sinister retellings. With its unique blend of live action and animation, it brings out some of the darkest aspects of the story, including Alice herself.

She is certainly a more violent character than she usually is in these stories, which helps contribute to this film’s high ranking among Internet Movie Database users. This film, more than others, demonstrates that there is often an edge to children’s fiction that is worth preserving when adapted for the screen.

5/10 Alice in Wonderland (1951) – 7.4

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Alice running with steaming teapots in Alice in Wonderland

In some ways, Alice in Wonderland It’s one of Disney’s most underrated films. Although it may lack the grandeur of Sleeping Beauty, he has a wacky, whimsical charm that is very much in keeping with the original stories. He has a compelling portrayal of Alice (voiced by Kathryn Beaumont, who also played Wendy Darling in Peter Pan).

She has just the right mix of innocence and adventure, and she is constantly involved in events that she cannot fully understand or control. Even though the film takes some liberties with Carroll’s stories, Alice is very much in keeping with her literary counterpart.

4/10 Alice Through the Looking Glass (1973) – 7.5

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Alice and the Red Queen in front of a tree in 1973 Alice Through the Looking Glass

The BBC has been responsible for several adaptations of Alice’s story, of which one of the most notable – and highly regarded – is this 1973 departure. Given that this is the 1970s, the special effects can be a little clunky as well. like the rhythm. Still, there’s a lightness to this particular story that helps underscore the cleverness of Carroll’s writing.

What’s more, Sarah Sutton is a very good Alice, managing to not only be the right age for the character, but also bring out the more sympathetic aspects of the role. This is an Alice that viewers can really root for as she tries to navigate the loaded and dangerous territory of Wonderland.

3/10 Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1982) – 7.6

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Alice and Two Other Characters in Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1982)

While there’s a lot to appreciate about the Disney version and its animation, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There it is, in some ways, an even more impressive animated achievement. It keeps the dark tensions of the original novels intact and, in that sense, is more faithful to Lewis Carroll’s vision.

Additionally, this Alice is a much stronger character than her Disney counterpart, with a curious, inquisitive mind that helps emphasize just how independent she is (although the film also maintains her fundamental innocence). This film brings out those elements of Alice’s character that have often been overlooked in other screen adaptations.

2/10 Alice in Wonderland (1981) – 7.6

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Alice in Front of Pink in Soviet Alice in Wonderland (1981)

Alice in Wonderland is a notable example of Soviet animation, and so viewing is a must for anyone who wants to know more about Alice’s legacy. The movie as a whole is dark and dark and at times unsettling, but that’s what makes it such a great adaptation.

The Alice in this version is not simply someone who waits for something to happen to her. She is, instead, a remarkably strong character, a girl who goes her own way, no matter how dangerous or uncertain it may be.

1/10 Adventures in Wonderland (1992-1994) – 7.9

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Alice and the Cheshire Cat in Adventures in Wonderland (1992-1994)

Although many of the most notable Alice in Wonderland movies tend to focus on the original stories, Adventures in Wonderland it’s a little bit different. Instead, Alice periodically goes to Wonderland, where she has a variety of adventures that help her deal with her struggles at home.

There is no doubt that Elisabeth Harnois is one of the great charms of the series, as she brings an irresistible charm to the character Alice, who emerges from this series as an intelligent, capable and very friendly person. While not as dark or sinister as some versions, there is something whimsical and escapist about this Alice that makes her very attractive.

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