13th Gen Intel Processors Will Support 7600MHz DDR5 Memories

High speed will be possible through Intel XMP and AMD EXPO profiles

Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake CPUs will natively support DDR5-5600 memory, unlike the 4800 MHz standard supported by the current generation Alder Lake. However with the use of overclocked through tools like Intel XMP and AMD EXPO, Raptor Lake processors will support up to 7600 MHz.

In a list that presents the memory support through XMP 3.0 profiles, for the Core i9-13900K and i7-13700k CPUs, the speeds are presented 7200MHz, 7466MHz and 7600MHz supported by G.Skill, ADATA, Team Group and Kingston brands.

AMD announces new memory overclocking standard, AMD EXPO

Some DDR5-7200 profiles support up to 32GB of dual channel memory, with timings ranging from CL34 to CL36. The different profiles are configured with voltages between 1.4 V to 1.5 V. The highest speed (7600 MHz) comes from G-Skill, with 1.4 V, CL36 and up to 16 GB and is only supported by the Core i9-13900K.

The new generation of Intel processors is now available for pre-order at Kabum:

Intel Core i5-13600KF: https://bit.ly/3Efh7sD
Intel Core i5-13600K: https://bit.ly/3Soeusv
Intel Core i7-13700KF: https://bit.ly/3rccs2F
Intel Core i7-13700K: https://bit.ly/3DZajz8
Intel Core i9-13900KF: https://bit.ly/3E27D3A
Intel Core i9-13900K: https://bit.ly/3xYESRs

Some Z790 motherboards support 7200 MHz

Motherboards like Asus ROG Strix-F and MSI MPG Carbon, with Z790 enthusiast chipset, support up to 7200 MHz. G-Skill itself still doesn’t have kits that offer such high speeds, with 6800 MHz being the highest speed through Trident Z5 RGB memories.

Gigabyte has already announced that its high-end motherboards will support DDR5 memories up to 7400 MHz. On the part of memory manufacturers, Team Group announced DDR5-7200 memories with support for Intel XMP and AMD EXPO profiles.

During Intel Innovation, the event where the company unveiled its Raptor Lake processors, it was announced that the 13th generation of CPUs would support speeds of “6600 MHz and beyond”. Using liquid nitrogen, it would be possible to have DDR5 memories exceeding 10000 MHz, according to Intel.

The initial lineup of Intel Raptor Lake CPUs (Core i9-13900K, i9-13900KF, i7-13700K, i7-13700KF, i5-13600K and i5-13600KF) hit the market on October 20th and are already on pre-order at Brazil. Prices range from BRL 3,058.81 for the Core i5 to BRL 5,529.40 with the top-of-the-line SKU, Core i9-13900K.

Unannounced performance 34-core Intel Raptor Lake processor discovered

Unannounced performance 34-core Intel Raptor Lake processor discovered
Wafer with the huge die was present at Intel Innovation in a discreet way


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