5G gets a date to arrive in northern capitals

From November 6th, the capitals that will receive 5G are: Belém, Macapá, Manaus, Porto Velho and Rio Branco

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The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) authorized the start of 5G internet transmissions in the five capitals that have not yet received the new technology. Thus, as of November 6, the capitals that will receive 5G are: Belém, Macapá, Manaus, Porto Velho and Rio Branco.

According to Moisés Moreira, president of Anatel’s technical group responsible for implementing 5G, operators will have until November 28 to install the antennas required in the public notice.

5G in Brazil

Therefore, with the inclusion of these five capitals in the North region, 5G will be present in all capitals in the country. However, the signal does not reach all neighborhoods simultaneously. Thus, the prediction is that the signal will increase in range over time.

According to Anatel, so far, the signal has reached about 50 million Brazilians, that is, 24% of the Brazilian population.

not capital

Thus, the next cities contemplated will be those with more than 500 thousand inhabitants that are not capital cities. According to the notice, the implementation of 5G in these municipalities should start on January 1, 2023.

What are the benefits of 5G?

According to the specialist, Alfredo Freitas, interviewed by g1, the internet speed can increase up to 10 times with 5G, when compared to 4G.

Technology can bring several benefits to education, telemedicine, and make the city more “smart”, with communication between cars, for example.

As much as the new technology is coming to Brazil, 4G will not be extinct, as there are hundreds of thousands of cell phones that work with this technology.

5G enabled cell phones

There are currently 67 cell phones with compatibility with 5G technology available for sale in Brazil.

Of the total, Samsung has the largest number of devices, with 25 models. Then comes Motorola, with 14 cell phones. Apple already has all iPhones 12, 13 and 14 enabled for the technology, in addition to the SE. There are also other companies in the ranking, they are Asus, HDM Global (Nokia), Lenovo, Positivo, Realme, TCL and Xiaomi.

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