7 red hair inspirations for different skin tones

You Red hair returned and want to compete for a place in the sun in the coming seasons. The color has been dominating hair trends on Tiktok thanks to copper hair, a shade of red with a coppery background that made celebrities’ heads this year.

Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney, Doja Cat, Serena Williams and Zendaya are part of the group of celebrities who have surrendered to red hair, but there are many other examples. Just with these names you can already see that red works in the most diverse skin tones. With that in mind, we have inspirations beyond copper hair here.

Natural redhead with brown background

natural redhead amy adams
Amy Adams is one of the celebrities who bet on natural redheads. John Shearer/Getty Images

The redhead pulled to the natural has a brown background. For those who are afraid to change their hair is a great option. The actress Amy Adams she has wonderful hair, depending on the light it gets redder or browner.

THE Julia Roberts is another great example of this tone:

Julia Roberts, the eternal 'pretty woman', is a style icon at 54.
Julia Roberts, the eternal ‘pretty woman’, is a style icon at 54. Social networks/Playback

Deep red for all skin tones

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British model Jourdan Dunn has already paraded around in a deep red tone, a little more brown. This color is similar to the one Zendaya and singer SZA adhered to a few years ago, and works well for both warm and cool skin.

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sweet milk red

This tone has a more golden background and is also successful on Tiktok. This is another safe bet for different skin tones, as it has a neutral base.

Golden auburn for cold skin

You know that hair you don’t know if it’s blonde or red? This is an example of golden red, which has a brighter tone, great for those with a cool skin tone.

reddish red

Another celebrity who also threw herself into the redheads, albeit temporarily, was Lizzo. The singer chose a more open red, similar to what Rihanna has worn for years.

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