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After completing the purchase of SAF do Vasco in a moment of tranquility in Serie B, 777 Partners saw the team drop in performance in recent weeks and get complicated with a few rounds of the end of the competition. THE 3-2 victory over Operário, last Tuesday, calms the spirits at the club for now, but the atmosphere is still apprehensive. The success of the American project depends heavily on access.

That’s why the group concentrates efforts to offer a decent structure for football to work in the final stretch of Serie B. The first reinforcement is the salaries that are up to date, which in recent years have harmed Vasco. More than that, 777 has been sending professionals from the company internationally to Rio de Janeiro to compose the task force in favor of returning to Serie A.

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Victory over Operário puts Vasco back on track — Photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG

Vasco SAF is still a very recent company, created just over a month ago, and in the process of defining its processes. All this in the midst of a troubled moment for the team in Serie B. Still without drastic changes in the day to day, the American group tries to provide the necessary resources for the work of coach Jorginho.

– The boys couldn’t stay behind on salaries, so that’s fundamental. We receive exceptional material from the performance analysis, all chewed up, all within the possibilities that we knew would happen. We are still in a somewhat withdrawn space (CT Moacyr Barbosa), but it is a process that will certainly be resolved next year. It is very important that we have this structure – said the coach.

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Best moments: Operário-PR 2 x 3 Vasco, for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

Best moments: Operário-PR 2 x 3 Vasco, for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

In recent weeks, Sebastian Arenz, head scout for Genoa, a club that also belongs to 777, has reinforced Vasco’s market analysis department for a period of exchange. The club also received a visit from Johannes Spors, sporting director of the American company.

The department is constantly analyzing possible reinforcements for the club, but decisions about next year are at a standstill. The new directors hired by SAF work together with professionals who have already experienced the day to day of Vasco. They are still knowing the ways.

One of the possibilities offered by the 777, for example, is to charter flights for away games, as Serie B has very tiring trips. The strategy was used in the match against Brusque. For the game in Ponta Grossa, the club chose to travel to Curitiba two days earlier, on a commercial flight, understanding that the wear and tear would be less than going straight to the interior of Paraná. There are still two games away from Rio ahead, against Sport and Ituano.

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"Finally the turnaround team!  Finally, Alex!", vents John |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Finally the turnaround team! Finally, Alex!”, vents João | The Voice of the Crowd

CEO Luiz Mello, sporting director Paulo Bracks and football manager Carlos Brazil have traveled with the delegation and follow Jorginho’s work closely. The presence of the directors aims to give tranquility to the players and the coach.

So far it has been silent work. The recent moment in Série B influences the silence of those who command the process. But within the club there is a lot of conversation, either with Vasco’s football team on a daily basis or with the club’s owners, in frequent virtual meetings.

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The victory in the 33rd round brings momentary peace, but the understanding is that the team also needs to beat Novorizontino at home next Saturday. It is the only possibility with which the direction works, since the next opponent is Sport, which today is three points away from Vasco.

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