Agenda to Postpone the End of the World (5 to 12/10)

Landscape Painting, by Rodrigo Andrade
This Saturday, 8/10, Almeida & Dale presents an individual by the artist that brings together, for the first time, landscapes painted over the last twenty years. Since 2001, Andrade regularly portrays images of nature. Over the years, his landscape painting has acquired a more complex character, diversifying techniques and styles by resorting to other sources or models besides direct observation: paintings by ancient authors or by amateurs, photographs, images from the internet and video games. In general, Rodrigo Andrade’s landscape painting is, on the one hand, a reflection on the history of painting, based on one of the genres most sensitive to changes in techniques and styles. On the other hand, the rescue of a direct relationship with the world around, testing the conventions of painting in the experience and perception of space. Codes of representation and experience of the real are not disjoint, but constantly refer to each other. curated by Lorenzo Mammi.

Propagation of Mist, by Alice Ricci [Foto: Filipe Berndt/Divulgação]

On the Silent Surface of Forms, by Alice Ricci
Abstract landscapes that mix references from the real world and virtual spaces are the theme of the solo show, which opens this Friday, 7/10, at OMA Galeria. Curated by the duo RodriguezRemor, the show is a collaboration with Galeria Periscope (MG) and features 20 unpublished paintings by the artist in acrylic and India ink. In the canvases on display, Ricci superimposes shapes, lines and planes, taken from places he visited on walks around the city of São Paulo and artistic residencies abroad. There are also references to the virtual world, such as satellite images and maps from navigation applications. Through the encounter between fields of color, the artist shuffles geographies and represents possible locations that do not actually exist.

Ligereza y Atrevimiento de Juanito Alpiñani (2022), by Juan Araujo [Foto: Felipe Braga/Divulgação]

The Moon Searches for the Shadow, by Juan Araujo and Mauro Restiffe
Galeria Luisa Strina presents the unprecedented project, starting this Friday, 7/10, which brings together works by the two artists. The result of more than a year of work in close collaboration, the exhibition presents a significant set of works in painting and photography organized into thematic centers that lead the visitor through a sequence of moments and installation environments, revealing themes and interests that bring together the research of Araujo and Restiffe. The expographic design is by Martin Corullon, from Metro Arquitetos Associados.

Margaret de Castro painting [Foto: Divulgação]

Drawers, Safes, Cabinets
“These objects are in solidarity with all the hiding places in which man, the great dreamer of locks, locks up or hides his secrets. These safes are not big enough to contain a world of ideas, however, they always carry a magical power”, writes Mario Camargo about the curatorship of the group show that opens tomorrow, 6/10, at Centro Cultural Correios in Rio de Janeiro. With 13 selected artists, such as Alice Gelli, Claudio Montagna, Gabi Gelli, Henrique Kalckmann, Jack Motta, Marina Ribas, among others, the show brings together works using different techniques, such as sewing on tissue paper, photocollages, photography, painting, installations and sculptural objects, in small and large formats, divided into three rooms in the exhibition space. Free entrance.

Suspended Sculpture 02 (2017), by Rosario López [Foto: Divulgação]

Tapizar el Paisaje, by Rosario López
This Saturday, 10/8, Marli Matsumoto Arte Contemporânea opens a new exhibition in its space, located in the Pacaembu neighborhood, in São Paulo. Curated by Alexia Tala, the solo exhibition brings together recent and unpublished works by the Colombian artist, including installations, photographs, sculptures and a site-specific intervention that occupies the gallery’s patio. Centered on two axes – the representation of the territory and its metamorphoses and the relationship between social communities and the land, and the way bodies relate to it -, the show comprises a research initiated by Rosario López in 2017, around of poetic and philosophical questions about the territory we inhabit.

Performance by Fabiana Faleiros [Foto: Ana Pigosso/Divulgação]

There’s Mouth Turned to Earth, by Fabiana Faleiros
The new edition of Performa Paço will exhibit next Tuesday, 10/11, at 7pm, the performance that unites music, objects and imaginary instruments, at the headquarters of Paço das Artes, in Higienópolis. Faleiros starts from the creation of imaginary musical instruments, made with two bones in the shape of a moth, to conceive the performance, where he places two props, one on his head (in the sphenoid) and another below the belly (in the pelvis), seeking a tuning by through songs and objects in the scene. “Before the human being moved on earth upright on two feet, the pelvis and sphenoid had a horizontal connection. When the relationship between the bones becomes vertical, everything changes. The disconnection between them generates a meme, O memioma, made of muscles and hormones”, writes the artist about the research. Free entrance.

Colo (2022), by Thais Basílio [Foto: Divulgação]

Art As Work: Survival Strategies
On display at the Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture, the second edition of the project, which aims to promote debate on the labor situation and forms of resistance of art professionals, especially those working in the field of visual arts, brings together works by 15 artists who dialogue with the theme of the artist as a worker and his survival: among them are paintings, performances, video, photos and sculptures. In addition to the exhibition, which is curated by Carolina Rodrigues, João Paulo Ovidio, Luana Aguiar and Priscila Medeiros, the project will also unfold on complementary fronts: a cycle of debates and conversation circles with professionals in the field through videoconferences; an e-book made available on a virtual platform, also available free of charge to the public; and an educational program designed to serve at least 100 children and adolescents from public schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Lavra, by Lucas Bambozzi
Today, 5/10, at 8 pm, Cine Petra Belas Artes holds a free preview session of the documentary on the contamination of rivers and the wreckage of lives after the Samarco dam collapse, in Mariana (MG), the biggest environmental crime in modern Brazil. The feature, an offshoot of Danada Landscape, a series of videos by Bambozzi in the iron quadrangle of Minas Gerais that, in 2020, was the subject of the Under Construction section [seLecT#47], follows Camila, a geographer who returns to her homeland after the river in her city was contaminated by the collapse of the dam, caused by a transnational mining company. Soon after the session, Lucas Bambozzi, Saulo França Rosa, Camila Mota and Sônia Guajajara meet for a debate on the road movie, addressing issues such as belonging and identity in the ongoing war between capitalism and nature.


Literary buzz 2022
On Saturday, 8/10, from 10 am to 8 pm, the Goethe-Institut São Paulo will hold the fourth edition of the festival, a free event to promote the exchange of German and Brazilian-language literature. The event has 27 publishers and a program of soirees, releases, readings and debates at the Institute’s headquarters, on Rua Lisboa. The international guest of this edition is the German writer and cultural agitator Timo Berger, who will hold a poetry translation workshop on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October, with the presentation of the results at a soiree in Burburinho. The organization is by the writer Marcelo Lotufo and Bethe Ferreira, coordinator of the translation promotion program, literary events and digital projects at the Goethe-Institut São Paulo. Check out the full schedule via the link.

Hood registration [Foto: Julia Zakia/Divulgação]

The show, which premieres today, 5/10, in the auditorium of Sesc Ipiranga, marks the resumption of the Teatro Mínimo project, after almost three years of pause due to the pandemic. The work came about with the research on the book Theory King Kong, by Virginie Despentes and, from it, the study on the history of the oppression and holocaust of women – and from there to the history of the oppression of one being over another – was developed. On stage, three women survivors, after the last battle that destroyed the planet, meet and set out on a journey through the stages of rebuilding new forms of humanity. All the constituent elements of the work, sound, scenography, costumes and lighting, make up the dramaturgy, creating a union of these items on stage. The art direction is by Laura Vinci. Simultaneously, Sesc also presents A Morte da Estrela Triptych, show that opens on Friday, 10/7, and invites the public to immerse themselves in multiple aspects of the central theme of the work: the failure of the great systems and dominant modes of coexistence, translated into the questioning of the social persona of the “star”. BRL 30.00.

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