Best Xiaomi phone to play Free Fire

Finding the best Xiaomi phone to play Free Fire seems like an easy task, but it’s not. The fact that the battle royale runs well on most cell phones makes it a little difficult to choose the ideal model for each category, since the range of alternatives is extensive, unlike what we see in other games.

However, with the arrival of Free Fire Max, we not only have to choose the alternative that manages to run this Garena title well, but also focus on the general set. After all, this “revamped” version of the shooting game is intended to give a more advanced experience.

And for that, the developer has made improvements to the player’s action modes, as well as the graphic quality of the game environment and its loot. However, regardless of this, the Canaltech team has already defined the best Chinese smartphones with to play “Free Fire”. So, check out the list!

Best Xiaomi phone to play Free Fire

Xiaomi 12

Among the cell phones of the Chinese giant that have already passed through the Canaltech test bench, the mi 12 is the best smartphone to play Free Fire Max. The device has the most advanced specifications on the market, and, consequently, brings attractive improvements for those who enjoy a mobile game.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is one of the most advanced octa-core platforms for premium cell phones, and the presence of this CPU in the device guarantees high performance in Garena’s battle royale. Even applying the maximum settings, the device manages to keep the game fluid.

Xiaomi 12 is the best top of the line for playing Free Fire (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

In addition, the 120 Hz AMOLED screen has the advantage of improving the visualization of the areas present on the map. However, it is important to note that the game does not have a configuration that allows it to run above 60 fps.

An important point to mention concerns the time of use of the Xiaomi 12 to play Free Fire, as the device has a good autonomy. The 4,500 mAh battery has an interesting duration for the category.

Best cheap Xiaomi phone to play Free Fire

Redmi Note 11

In Xiaomi’s group of cheaper options, the Redmi Note 11 is the best phone to play Free Fire without breaking the bank. As it is a basic model, it is obvious that there are limitations when we compare it to other devices on this list.

However, it also has features that allow a pleasant experience in Garena’s game. Although the Snapdragon 680 does not have the firepower that allows the use of the title’s maximum settings, it is important to note that you can enjoy fluid gameplay because it is compatible with the minimum requirements.

Redmi Note 11 is the best cheap phone to play Free Fire (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

There are two graphic adjustment options in Free Fire Max that can be used on Redmi Note 11. In the “Soft” alternative, it is possible to set the amount of FPS to “High” to run it at 60 fps stably.

On the other hand, if you want to improve the graphics quality of the game in “Standard” mode, keep the average FPS in “Normal” mode to avoid flickering. It may happen that the game works on “Ultra”, but if it’s on an X-1, delays can give your opponent an advantage.

Best cheap Xiaomi with 5G to play Free Fire

Poco M4 Pro 5G

An advantage of Free Fire Max running on most cell phones is that it helps when choosing a more technological option, and, at the same time, cheaper to enjoy the title. And in this pattern of features, we have the intermediate Poco M4 Pro 5G.

Considered the cheapest model with this connection, the device has hardware that allows you to run Garena’s game. The MediaTek Dimensity 810 5G manages to run the game with a performance above the most basic models.

The Poco M4 Pro 5G is the best phone with this connection to play Free Fire (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

With the game settings in “Standard” mode, it is possible to activate the “High” mode so that it runs at an average of 60 fps without crashes. In the “Ultra” option, even activating the feature to keep the frames at maximum capacity, the average range of the game is 30 fps. However, it is important to note that the drop in cadence does not cause crashes.

To top it off, the 5,000 mAh battery has a good runtime. For this reason, it is much more interesting to use it to enjoy Free Fire Max, as it guarantees good hours of fun and competitiveness.

Best mid-range Xiaomi phone to play Free Fire

Xiaomi 12X

One of the best intermediaries today to play Free Fire Max and it’s worth it for remembering the top of the line that we mentioned at the beginning of the list. This is the Xiaomi 12X, which is a device with a flagship look and specifications just the way gamers like it.

By having a higher price than alternatives that also run the game, but are not as competent as it, the device is far from being characterized as one of the best value for money in this highly competitive market.

Xiaomi 12X is the best intermediary to play Free Fire (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

However, this demerit in pricing is offset by the Snapdragon 870 5G platform, which brings compatibility with the new connection technology. But speaking in relation to his behavior in the game, it is possible to activate all the graphical options to the maximum without experiencing crashes.

The fluidity it provides on the Free Fire Max is very close to that seen on the Xiaomi 12. However, obviously, the battery is a little better and guarantees more hours of gaming before it needs recharging, but this process takes only 47 minutes, thanks to the 67 W charger.

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