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Google has brought a new update that promises to make your search even easier.

O Google once again, it is seeking to improve its platform, and therefore, it is bringing another update that intends to make searches even easier. This new update will bet on the use of artificial intelligence and promises to bring several changes to its users.

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So, Google should bring a lot of news. One of them is to make your search more independent, without the need for keywords, that is, it will be based on images and questions. In addition, there are also other updates such as: Multisearch, translating texts captured by the camera and suggesting questions that may be interesting for the term being written.

With this, it is increasingly clear how much artificial intelligence is present, and since its emergence it has become more common and has more strength in several areas. And now, with this update, it will be even more included in our daily lives, as most people do research daily.

Now, let’s talk a little more about each of these news.

  • Multisearch: with it, it becomes possible to use words and images to do a search, so when you type something or take a picture, things related to it will appear. You can also use it in the following way: take a photo of a certain thing, such as a sofa, and write a color to find it in the indicated color.
  • Google Lens Translator: this update came in order to make you understand what is written in an image, for example. That’s because, when capturing it, the text in the image is automatically translated.
  • Responses generated by other users: for those who still prefer to search by writing, this option will continue, however, with questions suggested by Google about what you are searching.

These changes promise to further revolutionize the technological environment and make the process much more practical for people who are looking for some information.

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