check the scores of Grêmio players in the duel against CSA

Image: Jefferson Botega/ GZH

Grêmio returned to present good football in Serie B in a match played against CSA de Alagoas, at Arena. The team led by Renato Portaluppi was imposing and controlled most of the actions in the 90 minutes, reaching goals with plays from the sides.

Azulão, with many absences, did not endanger the Grêmio defense and produced little in the game. Immortal remains in the vice-leadership of the competition and almost achieving access back to the elite of Brazilian football next year.

Check the scores of Grêmio players against CSA


It was not triggered in the game. Note: 6


Good attacking climbs. It was his assist on the first goal. Note: 6


Again safe, no errors. Note: 6

Bruno Alves

Good performance alongside Geromel. Note: 6

Diogo Barbosa

Assistance for the second goal, good attacks on the attack. Note: 6


Well in the marking, I hit the passes. Note: 6

Lucas Leiva

He opened the scoring, played well in advance. Note: 7


Good movement in attack. note: 6


Support for attacking players and hit the passes, but without the same usual shine. Note: 5.5


Participatory, but with some errors. Note: 5

Diego Souza

He held the ball in the attack and looked for the area. It was his winning goal. Note: 6.5

Grêmio x CSA: Tricolor substitutions


Arrived with danger in the area. Discreet. Note: 5.5


Entered at the end of the game. Note: 5

Thiago Santos

He came in at the end of the match, but he was participatory. Note: 6

Leo Gomes

Gradually resuming game rhythm. Note: 5


Little game time, but he had time to make a good move on the left. Note: 6

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