Concept shows Hulk vs Abominable in open world game made in Unreal Engine 5

A new trailer released by the Teaser Play channel showed what an open world Unreal Engine 5 game with the Hulk as the protagonist could look like. In the production shown on Youtube, the Emerald Giant appears facing the villain Abominable. However, everything shown is just a concept.

If you have followed TudoCelular in recent weeks, you will know that this is not the first time that this same author has published something like this. The game GTA IV is one of the titles chosen by him to show a revamped version of the game made in the new graphics engine developed by Epic.

God of War was another famous title that gained a concept of what a remake in the engine could look like. In fact, in this case, there was even the care to add a camera that refers to the current games of the franchise. The result, then, also did not disappoint and impressed fans of the Kratos saga.

This time, it’s not exactly a remake, but a concept of how the ideas could be applied in a Hulk game. In the video, the Marvel hero jumps off a building and falls to the ground, destroying the streets with the impact of his landing. Then the character walks until he comes across his enemy, the Abomination.

At that moment you can also see a little more of the city where the emerald giant is. From there, the character goes against his rival until the trailer ends, just before the clash between them.

Recently, Marvel even announced games that should feature Iron Man, Captain America and Black Panther. However, nothing about the Hulk was mentioned.

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