Cute and brutal! Woman runs for life after being relentlessly chased by raccoon – News

Don’t be fooled by raccoons’ cute faces: just like squirrels, they can be quite frightening animals and capable of wreaking havoc on unsuspecting passersby. They are also sneaky animals, as a woman in Ohio discovered.

The victim, whose name was not released, tried to interact with a raccoon. Apparently, the citizen just wanted to photograph the animal, standing on a street, but the proximity must have released some of the mammal’s killer instinct.

His reaction was to run towards the woman, who even managed to escape a little, but lost her balance and fell to the ground in an inglorious way.

Obviously, the scene was met with shock by a man who witnessed the brief chase. He tried to put an end to the attack, and stomped on the ground to stop the raccoon, which still lost its courage.

Even against two people, the animal seemed totally determined to finish the attack it had started and continued to try to intimidate the man. Despite the fear, the guy remained firm and gave the woman time to run away from danger.

The video was posted in April on Twitter and went viral again this week on Reddit. In the comments, some even suggested that the animal had rabies, but without providing evidence of the fact. Others have warned that trying to interact with wild animals, even in urban settings, can be very dangerous.

Lesson learned: stay away from raccoons!

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