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Last Sunday, October 2, Dr. Drauzio Varella won the Six Star Medal, a medal awarded to runners who completed the six major marathons, the biggest races in the world over a distance of 42.195 km: Berlin, Tokyo, London, New York, Boston and Chicago. At the age of 79, five months and one day, Drauzio completed the London 2022 Marathon, the only one missing in his history, in 5h44min42s. And the feat was celebrated on the Instagram of the World Marathon Majors, which highlighted the fact that he was the oldest of the weekend to receive the honor:

– And why so many of you asked, the oldest athlete to win his Six Star Medal this weekend was Antonio Drauzio Varella, who crossed the finish line in a respectable 5:44:42, at the age of 79 years, 5 months and 1 day. Congratulations @sitedrauziovarella 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 – it was written in the post, with the word “congratulations” in Portuguese.

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Drauzio completed his first marathon at just 50 years of age, and was soon one of six: he ran the New York Marathon 19 years ago, reaching sixth major in just under two decades. In the meantime, he has run other marathons around the world, including those in Buenos Aires and Rio, and he has written the book “Correr”, in which he reports his experience with running and also provides medical information on the subject.

Drauzio Varella after completing the 2022 London Marathon and winning the Six Star Medal — Photo: Reproduction Instagram

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