Endrick is close to debut for Palmeiras

Very close to winning its 11th Brasileirão title, Palmeiras has another big concern for the final stretch of this season: how to debut Endrick in the best possible way. Management and technical committee talk about the plan to introduce the boy to the professional so that he is no longer one of the lost promises that leave the base and don’t avenge. At 16, he is getting closer and closer to making his first appearance in the top team.

The striker doesn’t get tired of receiving praise and spent, three rounds ago, being listed by Abel Ferreira to always be on the bench. All this because he corresponded in training to what he also did with the boys at the base. What impressed the players themselves the most was the personality of the striker, who is not afraid to get into a tackle, has a power that impresses defenders like Luan, Gustavo Gómez and Kusevic and seems to be even in what they call a review.

Endrick plays as if he’s been with the group for a long time, and since he can’t drive, he always hitches a ride with one of his teammates after activities. After being champion for the under-20 against Corinthians with the title goal in the middle of Neo Química Arena, he will hardly enter the field again if it is not for the professionals. The commission admits that, if the match against Coritiba is on the way to victory, there is a good chance that this will happen, since the match will be at Allianz Parque.

The player was even released from the week of training he would do with the Brazilian under-17 team at the request of Palmeiras. All because the intention is that after running a little on the bench he can finally enter the field for a few minutes. As the title is almost a matter of time with the 10-point lead in the lead, his debut is taken for granted in 2022.

The calm for promotion is rare in Brazilian football and, despite leaving the fans anguished, it has received praise from the squad itself and also from professionals who observe the movement from outside the club, as is the case of Júnior Chávare, who has experience in fundraising and has already trained athletes in clubs such as São Paulo, Grêmio and Atlético-MG.

“Endrick is in a process of maturing and bonding with the main cast. At times the performance will not be as expected and this type of oscillation is perfectly natural in young people, so imagine for a 16-year-old boy. Now , at Palmeiras you can see a clear plan, from a club that knows very well how to do it, where to do it and when to do it”, says the manager.

Even before taking the field, Endrick already owns headlines in several newspapers in Europe. Palmeiras knows that, if the expectation is fulfilled, the striker will have little time on Brazilian soil. Even so, he also takes care of the athlete not only thinking about the gain on the field, but also the financial issue.

Endrick has a team that already works for him in physical and psychological preparation and has professionals who take care of other more bureaucratic parts of his career, such as a lawyer, financial and marketing consultant.

Fábio Wolff is responsible for managing the youth’s image and is a specialist in sports marketing. He points out the jewel’s potential beyond the lawns. “He is the youngest player to sign a sponsorship partnership, which says a lot. Given his age, his posture is already very mature, something unusual to see, even more so with a generation like today, which cannot stay without looking at social networks”, said the Wolff Sports executive.

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