Europe decrees the end of the iPhone as we know it and Apple is forced to make changes

European Parliament decided to end the Lightning entry until 2024, common in Apple devices

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Last Tuesday (05), in an official statement, the European Parliament unanimously decided that manufacturers of technological devices will have to offer a USB-C port in their products by 2024. Lightning on iPhones.

Apple has been using Lightning input on its devices for many years. Most Android phones already have a USB-C port.

End of Lightning Input

The European Parliament decided to end the lightning entry with 602 votes in favor and only 13 against. It is worth mentioning that the measure is valid for all types of electronic devices, such as tablets, cameras, mice, with a power of up to 100 Watts. From 2026, the decree should also cover the manufacture of notebooks.

According to Parliament, the purpose of the decree is to help reduce electronic waste, since, with standardization, users will be able to use just one cable for all the devices they have.

Debates about the end of the lightning entry are already taking place in the United States and even in Brazil. Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) is currently analyzing the proposal in this regard.

To become law, the Council of the European Union will have to approve the measure. Apparently, approval will be just a formality.

The first decision on the subject took place in June this year, when European lawmakers decided that by the third quarter of 2024, devices marketed in the EU must carry the same entry.

Lightning and Apple

Despite Apple adopting a different type of input, the company has gradually adopted the standard connector since 2015 on the MacBook. Some iPad Pro models also already use the USB-C input instead of Lighting.

However, with the decision of the European Union, Apple will have to adapt and offer the standard entry in all new devices that are launched.

It is worth remembering that this debate about the end of Lighting was already foreseen.

MicroUSB and USB-C

When the subject of the extinction of the Lighting input came to be discussed, the most common model at the time was the MicroUSB. However, the most used format today is precisely USB-C, as it presents a better quality of data transmission and uniformity, according to the industry.

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