Film Trails – Caxi Rajão invites Lívia Tucci 10/08

Caxi Rajão, guitarist and composer, directs his latest work to a repertoire that walks through the seventh art that is cinema.

Obsessed with film scores, Caxi has already scored the feature film Vinho de Rosas, by filmmaker Elza Cataldo, as well as composed scores for short films and institutional videos serving the advertising market in front of his audio production company Nas Montanhas Studio as music director. .

“The desire to put on a show with a repertoire of movie soundtracks reminds me of films I’ve watched and that I was more moved by the music that makes up the film’s scene than the image itself,” says Caxi Rajão.

This is how the “Cinema Trails” project was born, conceived by the musician, guitarist and composer Caxi Rajão, honoring a repertoire with twenty-four film soundtracks, sung in five languages, which marked the heyday of world cinema, eternalizing in the affective and emotional memory. longing for viewers of various eras, cultures and ages.

They are films of aesthetic beauty, with a lyrical, poetic, romantic, sensual, historical, political, documentary plot, often bringing unique curiosities, also behind the scenes.

Each song chosen from this repertoire is the main theme of the film, which ends up becoming the trademark of the film, whenever played, it continues to take the listener to remember special and unique moments of his life.

“The invitation to be part of this work was for singer Lívia Tucci, a musical partner at various times, who in addition to singing in several languages, has a velvety and engaging voice”, says musician Caxi Rajão. The repertoire was selected to honor cinema scores sung in French, Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese, taken from older films such as “Modern Times” with Charlie Chaplin, as well as more recent films such as “Eat, Love, Pray” with Julia Roberts. In this show we will have as guests the musicians Clóvis Aguiar on the electric piano and Breno Mendonça on the saxophone.

The show will be held on October 8 (Saturday), at 8 pm, at Largo do Rosário in Conceição do Mato Dentro-MG, sponsored by the Municipality of Conceição do Mato Dentro.

Caxi Rajão invites Lívia Tucci – Show “Trilhas de Cinema”

October 8th – 8pm

Location: Travessa Largo do Rosário

Free entrance

Conceição do Mato Dentro-MG, sponsored by the Municipality of Conceição do Mato Dentro.

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