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Grêmio won again in Série B by defeating CSA 2-0 on Tuesday night, for the 33rd round. Lucas Leiva and Diego Souza scored the winning goals at the Arena, still in the first half. Diego Souza and Lucas Leiva were the main highlights, with good appearances from Diogo Barbosa, Biel and Edilson.

Diego Souza celebrates a goal with Renato — Photo: Gabriel Girardon

Lucas Leiva
Once again, more advanced, close to Diego Souza, he took a liking to the goal. He scored his second goal since returning to Grêmio, this time from the top, taking advantage of a good cross from Edilson. He had chances to score again, also with a header. Note: 7.5.

Diogo Barbosa
A constant target of the crowd, he was recognized for his good performance, with advances to the attack and, mainly, the assistance for the second goal, headed by Diego Souza. Note: 6.5.

Diego Souza
He lived a fast of six games without scoring, his biggest in the season, but he didn’t waste a survey to the extent of the contested Diogo Barbosa to head back to celebrate a goal with the tricolor shirt, Note: 7.0.

Brenno [GOL]: 6.0
Edilson [LAD]: 6.5
(Leo Gomes [LAD]: no grade)
Geromel [ZAG]: 6.0
Bruno Alves [ZAG]: 6.0
Diogo Barbosa [LAE]: 6.5
Villasanti (VOL]: 6.0
Bitello [VOL]: 6.0
Lucas Leiva [MEI]: 7.5
(Thatian [MEI]: 6.0)
Biel [ATA]: 6.5
(Nicolas [LAE]: no grade)
William [ATA]: 6.0
(Thiago Santos (VOL]: 6.0)
Diego Souza [ATA]: 7.0
(Elkison [ATA]: 5.5)

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