“He insisted that…”; Journalist reveals promise of Abel Ferreira after controversy

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Coach Abel Ferreira lost his tone during a press conference after winning against Botafogo

Journalist opens the game and reveals Abel Ferreira's promise after controversy
© Photo: Fabio Menotti / PalmeirasJournalist opens the game and reveals Abel Ferreira’s promise after controversy

During a press conference after Palmeiras’ victory over Botafogo 3-1 last Monday (3), the coach Abel Ferreira ended up getting involved in controversy. This is because the commander answered a question from a journalist harshly. “That’s why I’m a coach and you’re journalists. If you want to be coaches, go to CBF, take the course and sit here in my place”, declared.

However, the journalist Guilherme Gonçalves used social networks this Tuesday (4) to inform that abel got in touch with him to retract from the statement. “The coach Abel Ferreira, from Palmeiras, called me just now in a video call, he insisted that it be so, since in his words ‘let’s talk eye to eye’”.

“In this way he apologized and talked to me that when I raised the question that Palmeiras managed to keep up so well even with the expulsion he was hot-headed and only heard the word expulsion and ended up taking out on me a situation that had nothing to do with me ”, completed.

O journalist still revealed that Abel Ferreira should retract at the next press conference of press team’s. “Soon you will see Abel retracting himself at the next press conference of the Palmeiras team. That’s what he promised to do with me, even in relation to a fake news that spread on the internet”.

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