How Galileo’s manuscript Galilei ended up becoming a bologna wrap

  • Dalia Ventura
  • BBC News World

Mortadella montage in a letter written by Galileo

Life presents surprises, but there are few like the one the intellectual Giovan Battista Clemente Nelli had in the spring of 1739.

There is more than one version of what happened, and the details vary. So let’s stick to the story told by the doctor Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti, great naturalist and scientist trusted by the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Your version appeared in your text News of the extensions of the physical sciences produced in Tuscany throughout the year 60 of the 17th centurypublished in 1780.

“The famous doctor Gio Lami, by habit, went to dinner in one of his villas, at the Osteria del Ponte delle Mosse, with several friends. One of these friends was Nelli, later a senator and gentleman, and Lami asked him to bring bologna from the Cioci’s store, because it was the best of all”, says Tozzetti, in the text.

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