iFood offers 5 thousand places for technology course (learn more)

iFood, a Brazilian online food delivery company, has opened registrations for 5,000 free scholarships in various technology-related courses for those who want to enter the programmer or developer market. In principle, women, black and low-income people can participate in the program throughout Brazil.

The program is a partnership between iFood and Digital Innovation One (DIO). In addition, the courses will have a workload of 86 hours/class, with the aim of training skilled labor in the technology area. The content is complete and includes project challenges, live mentoring and networking.

Course students will receive training from Potência Tech Powered by Ifood – Java Beginners, learning programming based on full stack web, back-end, front-end and data from various development languages. However, they will be able to use the knowledge in various applications following the best market practices.

By the way, at the end of the course, students who received the Ifood scholarship will have the opportunity to participate in “My tech career”, which aims to reward those who had the best performance. In addition, partner companies, through the DIO talent program, will be able to hire trainees.

Course registration

Those interested can apply for the iFood scholarship until the 23rd of October. Similarly, graduation must be completed by the 27th of the month. To register for Bootcamp Java Beginners it is necessary to go to the website Tech power where registration information will be available, as well as the courses offered.

iFood also has fast and free courses through iFood Decola, with more than 100 knowledge trails aimed at delivery people and partner restaurants. In this way, students can learn financial organization, personal development, and how to undertake.

Potência Tech is an iFood platform created in 2021 with the aim of helping low-income people and underrepresented groups in society to enter the technology market, including more citizens in the digital age. In principle, it offers scholarships and increases your employability, promoting social inclusion.

iFood seeks new perspectives, with a focus on technology, seeking to support the reduction of social inequalities, providing access to training opportunities for all. In this way, the company helps in the socioeconomic development of the country.

The company seeks to promote cultural diversity and plurality in organizations. In one year of the program, more than 30,000 people with different profiles signed up on its platform. Finally, a total of six thousand students who received scholarships graduated and 500 people were employed.

technology course

The Ifood course will have live meetings where the student will learn ways to create their study plan using GitHub, object-oriented programming with Java, how to create an Api Rest documented with Spring Boot and Java, Docker and Kubernetes, the importance of English in the job market and tips to become a successful developer.

The objective of the program is to drive the entry of scholarship holders into the technology market. The student will learn the initial steps to master programming languages ​​such as Java and Spring Boot. With it, it is possible to develop several indispensable applications for companies tuned with the digital market.

Students enrolled in the technology course will participate in live mentorships, build a network of contacts that can assist in this new phase of their careers, learn and deepen their knowledge in programming and development, practice through code challenges, build their portfolio, and much more.

Technological market

Women are still a minority in the tech sector. The market presents some difficulties in the insertion of this workforce. In summary, the presence of women, black people and unfavorable social conditions is timid. Initiatives such as iFood aim to reduce this disparity by offering several opportunities.

The technology sector is one of the most important areas today, being essential for companies that want to stand out in the market. In short, the digitization of company processes and operations has opened up several opportunities for professionals in the field. In fact, there is a shortage of workers in the sector. iFood, through its program, offers opportunities for fellows to win these vacancies.

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