“No! Don’t Look!”, “Bullet Train” and more films are featured on Claro tv+

Claro tv+ announced this Wednesday, 05, some news for the month of October. Titles like “Bullet Train”, “No! Do not look!” and “O Palestrante” are the highlights of the operator.

In addition to those highlighted in the operator’s announcement, there are also several other successes in national and international cinema.

New movies on Claro tv+

Of the titles cited by Claro, “No! Don’t Look!”, is one of the most acclaimed, after all, since the trailer’s release, the public has been intrigued by the film’s theme. It’s a science fiction story, which tells the story of the caregivers of a horse ranch in California who find a mysterious force capable of changing human and animal behavior, arrives on 10/13 for all Claro tv+ customers.

Train-Bullet is a movie starring big names, among them Brad Pitt, and shows a different story, fun, with suspense and action. It also gave a lot to talk about in cinemas.

National cinema is also featured on Claro tv+ in October

“The Speaker”, which tells the story of a man with no direction in life who is mistaken for a professional speaker. The feature stars Fábio Porchat and features a great cast such as Dani Calabresa, Antonio Tabet, Maria Clara Gueiros and Otávio Sandoval.

In addition to this film, “45 do Segundo Tempo”, “O Predestinado” and “Pluft, o Fantasminha” are other films that will be on the operator’s TV.

“Spider-Man: No Return Home” is also on Claro

The great success of the end of 2021, which shows the end of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man arc and with a lot of fan service, “Spider-Man: No Return Home” will also be on Claro tv+.

And to close this marathon of successes, Claro will also make available to its customers, “O Ingresso do Paraíso”, where George Clooney and Julia Roberts, plays an ex-couple who is faced with the complicated task of preventing their daughter from make the same mistake they made in the past.

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