Nubank falls and is down this Wednesday afternoon (5)

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Nubank is off the air this Wednesday (5). Thus, according to reports published on social networks, the application has problems and does not open. Data from Downdetector, a platform that monitors the status of online services, indicates that this instability started around 10:30 am (Brasilia time).

It is also worth noting that in less than an hour the number of complaints jumped from 25 to 2,661. Therefore, users claim that none of the application’s functions work.

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Your Digital Credit contacted the digital bank to check if there is a forecast of normalization of the app. So, in response, the bank sent a note:

“We regret what happened and inform you that operations are gradually returning to normal. Nubank clarifies that the app went through a temporary oscillation due to routine updates.”

What do Nubank users say?

First, in Google Trends, a tool that gathers the main searches performed on Google, there was a significant increase in searches for terms such as “Application Nubank out of the air” and “App Nubank does not open”. In addition, according to reports from users of the digital bank on Twitter, it is not possible to use any features of the application.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time in the week that the Nubank application has errors. That’s because on Tuesday (4), Caixinhas, a tool aimed at saving money, also showed instability.

So, check out what netizens are saying about the failure:

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