Rachel Zegler, Disney’s new Snow White has trauma with the princess

One of Disney’s new stars, Rachel Zegler will be the snow White in the newest live-action from the studios. However, behind the screens, the actress has not watched the film since she was a child.

Surprising fans, Zegler revealed that he watched the princess animation in his childhood and, shortly afterwards, visited Snow White’s toys at DisneyWorld. But, contrary to what the actress expected, the attraction scared her so much that she never had the courage to see the film again.

“I was scared of the original animation. I think I watched it once. I’m serious, I only watched it once, and then I went on the DisneyWorld ride, which is called ‘Scary Adventures of Snow White’… It doesn’t sound like something a kid would want, and it terrified me. Since then, I have never revisited Snow White,” Zegler revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

Rachel Zegler during D23
Rachel Zegler during Disney D23 (Reproduction/YouTube)

Still, behind the scenes disneyZegler is having to face his childhood traumas in order to bring Snow White to life.

Not long ago, during Disney D23, Zegler talked about the behind-the-scenes of the film and the moment she dressed up as the princess for the first time. In the actress’ own words, her inner child was “freaking out” when she came out.

Rachel Zegler as Snow White
Rachel Zegler as Snow White backstage at Disney (Reproduction/Twitter)

Zegler even admitted that she was dazzled by princesses when she was younger, and she hopes to deliver a new version of which younger audiences can truly love and cherish like their parents or grandparents did.

“Well, I have to work really hard to be an adult, because the kid version inside of me was still freaking out. [Ao fazer a prova de figurino] I was screaming and crying. Sandy Powell [designer de roupas da Disney] was looking at me and asking, ‘What’s going on with you?’ It’s amazing to be an iconic princess. Being the first Disney princess is the biggest responsibility and a lot of pressure. It’s incredible.”

In addition to Rachel Zeigler, the live-action cast still has the performance of Gal Gadot, that the Evil Queen will live and names like Andrew BurnapGabriela Garcia and Joshmaine Joseph.

the new movie from snow White is part of a Disney live-action series and should hit theaters in just under two years, in March 2024.

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