Russians flee war, leave soldiers’ bodies behind

Putin’s troops suffer battlefield defeats even as four regions are annexed; The Associated Press reported at least 18 dead on the ground

Reproduction/website/AssociatedPress/AP Photo/Evgeniy MaloletkaRussian soldier corps (3)
Ukrainian soldiers patrol reclaimed town

one day after Vladimir Putin announce the annexation of four regions of the Ukraine, Russian soldiers began to flee the territories because of the tightening of the right made by the Ukrainians, who have won a significant victory since the beginning of September. During the breakout, which showcases Moscow’s latest military defeat, Russian soldiers left behind the bodies of fighters who fought in the war. On Saturday, Putin’s troops retreated into Lyman, a strategic city that had been controlled by Russia since May. On Tuesday, 4, the Ukrainian president reported that an operation to remove the ‘enemies’ began to be carried out in Luhansk. According to a report by the agency Associated Press, at least 18 bodies of soldiers of Russian soldiers were lying on the ground. The dead Ukrainians were recovered by troops from Volodymyr Zelensky. While the Russians were left behind. In addition to battlefield defeats, Putin also suffers from the loss of soldiers, which has led him to recruit more than 200,000 reservists as part of the mobilization launched two weeks ago. According to the agency, the Kremlin’s political bravery does not match the disorder Putin faces amid Ukrainian advances and attempts to establish new borders. This Wednesday, the Russian leader finalized the annexation of the regions by signing a law that makes them Russian territory, however, all this was done amid the defeats he has been suffering and Russia’s uncertainty as to how they will delimit the territories, once that does not occupy them completely.

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