Santos president explains attempt by Marcelo Bielsa

President Andres Rueda spoke for the first time about the failed attempt to sign Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa. The explanations were given at a meeting of the Deliberative Council of Santos tonight (4).

Rueda claimed financial issues for not being able to bring Bielsa, unanimously in the board.

“Let’s dot the i’s. It’s time to get together to help, to criticize it’s full. If we make a crowdfunding to pay 5 million euros a year, it comes on time, in addition to a budget of 150 million a year in reinforcements”, he said. the president, before being asked about the backstage of the negotiation.

“I talked for more than four hours with Bielsa. We created a good relationship, with good chemistry. We talked about everything involving football. I was very happy with the way he sees football. He was tempted and upset not to come. He said that we are fighting so much to get out of this unfortunate situation and that he doesn’t want us to go back to financial problems. It may not seem like it, but outside they follow a lot and they know everything about us. Bielsa said that he would need expensive players and that he would not be happy if Santos signed and had financial problems, but also that I would be upset without the players. And I can’t speak yet, but this Santos-Bielsa relationship will still bear fruit and a partnership in the future”, he added.

The president also stated that he talked to several coaches, but chose with the Management Committee to hire Orlando Ribeiro, from the under-20, until the end of the Brazilian Championship. The idea is to seek a new commander for 2023.

“Vanderlei [Luxemburgo] it was the will of some GC members and not others. Bielsa I talked to him and everyone you can imagine from inside and outside. But to bring in an outsider with 10 games to go is risky. Until I meet a player… The ones from Brazil are employed. We have already warned you that we are interested in talking after the championship is over”, he said.

“We talked with many coaches, all the good ones from Brazil and abroad, but we didn’t make it possible for now and decided to hire Orlando Ribeiro. At the right time, we will define the coach for 2023”, he concluded.

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