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Vivo is offering more than 400 spaces for people with disabilities spread across some cities in Brazil. The vacancies available can be in the home office format, hybrid (with two days of remote work) or face-to-face. Stay tuned and participate in a virtual fair on October 17th to learn about the company, benefits and opportunities.

Anyone interested in the vacancy has until October 13 to apply by accessing the application platform. It is important to remember that the selection process is exclusive to people with disabilities. Vacancies will depend on the area chosen to work, such as: Customer Relationship, Tech, Commercial/Stores, Engineering or Administrative. Check out the job openings below:

  • Sao Paulo;
  • Curitiba;
  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • Victory;
  • Savior;
  • Strength;
  • Belo Horizonte;
  • Porto Alegre;
  • Brasilia;
  • Florianopolis;
  • Manaus;
  • Bethlehem;
  • St. Louis;
  • Recife;
  • goiânia.

How to participate in the selection process?

To apply for one of the opportunities, you must be at least 18 years old, have completed high school and have computer skills. If you are studying or have completed higher education, this will be considered a differential.

What’s more, Vivo is seeking to improve some features of the company’s collaborative digital culture. These are aspects such as digital attitude, curiosity, openness and making it happen, all with responsibility. The company also offers a training program, which will focus on its products and services.

The salary offered is compatible with the market and whoever is selected will be entitled to a differentiated benefits package. See what they are below:

  • Meal vouchers and food vouchers;
  • Transportation vouchers;
  • Life insurance;
  • Corporate cell phone;
  • Dental care;
  • Medical assistance (no co-payment for the holder);
  • Subsidy to help with school, day care or babysitting expenses;
  • Fixed line, broadband and TV discounts;
  • free apps;
  • Annual bonus or PPR;
  • day off of birthday.

How does diversity and inclusion work at Vivo?

The company has had Vivo Diversidade since 2018, which is based on the pillars of gender, LGBTI+, race, 50+ and people with disabilities. The program ensures a more inclusive culture to create a diverse and more representative environment.

In the people with disabilities pillar, the company seeks to offer affirmative vacancies. This year alone, more than 300 people with disabilities were hired. In fact, the company is determined to ensure that its internal training is increasingly accessible.

For this reason, training courses were created with adaptation of videos and subtitles, in addition to posts that have audio description and classes dedicated to employees with visual impairments.

A super event with the presentation of the program will take place on October 17 at 10 am. Do not miss this opportunity.

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