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For a few moments, Tainara was discouraged. With each ball that insisted on not falling, the opposite was losing strength. After the victory against Italy, the player admitted that she felt the pressure. It was her first match against rivals, favorites to win the World Cup. The team’s surprise in the competition so far, the opposite knows it could have contributed more. But don’t run away.

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Upon leaving the court, Tainara admitted that he made mistakes that could have cost him the victory. But, given the good result, he hopes to better analyze the flaws so that they do not happen again in the competition.

Best moments: Italy 2 x 3 Brazil for the Women's Volleyball World Cup

Best moments: Italy 2 x 3 Brazil for the Women’s Volleyball World Cup

– It’s like Zé Roberto said, and I believe it faithfully: from now on, every game is a final. We’re going to need to be very closed-minded. Against Italy, I think I let it slip a little, I got carried away by the mistakes I made. I was very “narrow-minded” in things, I lost my lucidity. It was a negative point, but now a positive one, because I can analyze it. I can’t leave it in the next game anymore – he said.

– That’s being an athlete. At some point, you will be bad, but you need to get back on your feet somehow. It’s difficult. It’s not every day you’re going to be fine. But he needs to help the team in some way, even if it’s in the serve, in the defense. I think I made a lot of mistakes, I couldn’t have been wrong.

Tainara left the court with 13 points. She was the third highest scorer in Brazil, behind Gabi, with 30, and Carol, with 14. Still, she couldn’t send the ball to the ground at times. The opposite believes that the pressure of the game hindered her, but celebrated the good performance of the rest of the team.

Tainara goes up for attack against Italy – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

– It was my first game against Italy in my life. I think I felt a little. It’s grandiose. I’m not just saying for their team, but for the whole context of being at the Worlds. They still hadn’t lost. So I wanted to show it too. But, thank God, Gabi and the rest of the team managed to come together to achieve victory. I’m very happy with the team. We played like it was a final, a real team. Same as the China game. And it will be like that from now on.

The victory gives Brazil gas at the World Cup. The selection has five wins and one defeat so far. In the second phase of the World Cup, the four best teams in the bracket advance to the quarterfinals. For her, the group has already given evidence that it can win the unprecedented title.

– I think that, regardless of today’s result, it’s important for us to believe we can. If we’re here, it’s because we can. Maybe people look at it and think, “Oh, it’s the new generation.” But we can. Lets fight. Kill a lion every day. Two three four. We train like hell and we’re going to make the difference to win.

The team returns to the court this Thursday. Brazil faces Puerto Rico, its second rival in this second phase, at 11 am. sportv2 broadcasts the match live, and the ge tracks everything in real time.

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