The 10 most pirated movies of the week (25/09/2022)

This week’s list of most pirated movies is unusual. In addition to the absurd amount of new films (in all, there are 6 newcomers), the vast majority of them are unknown, not to mention that no one has even heard of them. Even so, some of these feature films draw attention for their script, for the plot proposal or just have a well-known name.

Proof of this theory is that this week the race has films with names like Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, Guy Pearce and Josh Duhamel, but all in titles that have passed under the radar of the mainstream media, but not the pirates on duty. In addition to them, there is a very promising thriller that debuted on Netflix this week and is already being downloaded illegally.

In the rest of the list, some medallions already well known and that until last week were flying high. Curious to know what titles these are? Then check out the complete list of the most pirated movies of the week that Canaltech elaborates exclusively every Sunday for you.

10. Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick won over audiences not only by bringing a franchise back to life after so long, but also by telling an entertaining story worth watching.

With a great performance by Tom Cruise, the film is an ode to 80s cinema, but with an updated look that works very well for new and old fans. No wonder it appears in the ranking of the most downloaded since it debuted on digital platforms.

9. The Beast

Idris Elba has already established himself as one of the great names in cinema today. Proof of this is that every movie the actor stars in explodes in popularity — and this, of course, is reflected in the list of most pirated movies.

The beast is a survival thriller that shows a newly widowed father willing to reconnect with his daughters. For this, he travels to South Africa, where he hopes to live a healing journey. The problem is that things get out of hand and everything turns into a fight for life, with father and daughters being hunted by a hungry and relentless lion.

8. No! Do not look!

After the resounding debut of Run! and the intriguing Wedirector Jordan Peele is back with No! Do not look!his new feature that tackles uncomfortable and necessary issues the way only he knows how.

And all you need to know is that, this time, the director bets on a space plot full of twists that will make your head explode. There are so many possibilities for interpretations that the film has been very successful in the world of piracy for a few weeks now.

7. Say

Out of nowhere this B-movie thriller appeared in this week’s most pirated movie rankings. Despite the very little buzz around him (to say nothing), say has drawn attention for its plot.

We follow a widowed father and his daughter, who has a hearing loss, dealing with sad news: the house where they lived happy moments is condemned to demolition. About to say goodbye to the place, they are surprised by a violent couple interested in some secret hidden there. Now the two must work together to survive the bandits and the night of cruelty.

6. Section 8

The brucutus of action movies still attract a lot of people to watch their movies, even if they have a familiar and even repetitive script. Section 8 is a good example of this: starring Dolph Lundgren, it tells a story that we have seen several times in the cinema.

We follow a former special forces soldier arrested for avenging the death of his wife and daughter. But soon he is rescued from prison by a secret organization assigned to special missions. The problem is that he soon discovers that these people are not exactly who they say they are.

5. Thor: Love and Thunder

As in the list of most watched movies of the week, Thor: Love and Thunder also lost space in the ranking of most downloaded movies. And this can be explained by the simple fact that the film is not all those things, even though it has the Marvel seal of quality.

Betting on a more blatant comedy and less on creating connections with other MCU films, the great highlight of love and thunder it is precisely the return of Natalie Portman as a character ready to fight anyone and capable of wielding Mjolnir.

4. Lou

Another newcomer in the list of most pirated movies of the week, Lou arrived at Netflix and is already being downloaded from the main torrent trackers on the internet. And the interest of pirates on duty is precisely its setting and plot loaded with a lot of suspense.

The feature film takes place in the midst of a storm and shows the kidnapping of a girl. Desperate, her mother teams up with a strange neighbor and sets off on a journey that will test her all limits and reveal terrible secrets from the two women’s past.

3. The Infernal Machine

Debuting in the top 3 of the ranking of movies with the most illegal downloads, The Infernal Machine appears for the first time here much due to the strength of Guy Pierce’s leading role. But the script of the crime thriller is also quite flashy and promising.

The story follows the life of an author who decided to live in seclusion after one of his books caused a lot of trouble for many people. But it doesn’t take long for him to start being approached by an obsessive fan and obsessing over who this person is that is making him relive his worst nightmares.

2. The Enforcer

The new action movie starring Antonio Banderas also exploded among pirates on duty. In The Enforcerthe actor plays one of the top agents of a Miami criminal organization.

Despite living this life of crime, he discovers that his boss is putting the life of a young fugitive at risk and decides to help her, facing everything and everyone. It’s the typical movie where the bad guy seeks redemption for his mistakes and it works very well with the audience.

1. Bandit

And in a week full of weird movies in the most pirated rankings, the most downloaded movie title couldn’t go anywhere other than bandit. The action thriller features Josh Duhamel as this relentless bank robber.

But the most intriguing is that the character and plot are based on real events, telling the story of Gilbert Galvan Jr, responsible for a gigantic crime wave in Canada that lasted 9 years – from 1957 to 1966. More impressive than that, only the fact that he was responsible for the biggest gold heist in the country’s history.

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