Understand what is bossware; your boss might be watching you

Have you ever heard of “bossware”? The term became famous recently, more specifically, it was after the pandemic that the term was coined. That’s because it refers to the practice of spying on employees who perform remote work.

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With the rise of home office work, many companies were in doubt whether their employees were really working or not. For this reason, some companies have decided to find indiscreet ways of monitoring the service of their employees.

That was the case with Amazon, a company whose employees tried to form a union in March of this year. They found that they were being monitored by the portable package tracking scanners. The practice has gained a name and may even become a trend. It’s possible that the bossware has already arrived and you don’t even suspect that you’re being watched all the time.

What is bossware, anyway? understand better

In a practical way, the translation of bossware would be equivalent to “boss software”. In short, it would be a digital program that would have the purpose of keeping the leadership informed about the activity of a company’s employees.

It was not just on Amazon that such a case was registered. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, in April an American company was also inspecting the remote work of an employee with more than 10 years of experience. He understood that he was being monitored by a bossware after attending a meeting and having his data entered into the company’s registry.

In fact, a recent survey of more than 1,250 companies, carried out by digital.com, found that 60% of them used some type of bossware to inspect employees. 88% of companies using the tactic decided to fire an employee based on data provided in this way.

In fact, just a quick search on the internet to find several bossware available to be installed and used by anyone. And you, what do you think about this? Is there someone spying on you while you work from home? The matter is controversial and still lacks legal support.

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