US and South Korea launch missiles in response to North Korea | World

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South Korea’s response was announced by the country’s government on Wednesday, 5 (still Tuesday in Brasilia).

The North Koreans’ test on Tuesday fired an intermediate-range missile. It was the most far-reaching launch the country has ever made. It had been five years since a missile had flown over Japan. The Japanese government even issued a warning to its citizens to protect themselves.

  • North Korea tests missile over Japan, which urges northerners to protect themselves
  • Japan says North Korea launched missile over its territory

Images of a missile launch in North Korea are broadcast in Seoul, South Korea on September 28, 2022 — Photo: Jung Yeon-je / AFP

short range missiles

The response was a joint military exercise with the US; short-range missiles were launched.

The military claimed that a South Korean missile failed shortly after launch and crashed, but caused no casualties.

US and Japan criticize North Korea

US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida criticized North Korea’s test. The European Union called the action reckless and deliberately provocative. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it is a violation of Security Council resolutions.

The United States asked the UN Security Council to meet on North Korea on Wednesday, but diplomats said China and Russia were opposed to a public discussion.

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