‘We are loose’, says Operário’s coach after turning to Vasco

Coach Matheus Costa, from Operário-PR, released the word after the defeat by 3 to 2 to Vasco, today (4), for the 33rd round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. The commander said that the team was “loose” when giving the turn in Ponta Grossa (PR), after being in front of the score in two opportunities.

In a press conference after the setback at home, Matheus – who took office about two months ago – criticized the team for “not sustaining results” and said that the current squad does not have “the personality to wear the shirt” of Operário.

“We are a loose team. I’m tired of reaching 40, 42, 44 minutes and we don’t sustain the result. We are loose. We have to apologize to you who are working until this time and apologize to our fans who makes this wonderful party”, said the commander in the first question of the press conference.

“We are weak. We cannot sustain results. We don’t have the personality to wear the Worker’s shirt. It’s a shame. I put myself together in this”, added Matheus Costa.

Operário opened the scoring in the 14th minute of the first half, with Reina, and scored 2-1 with Paulo Victor, in the 29th minute of the second half. Vasco, however, became two of Alex Teixeira.

The club occupies the 18th place in Serie B, with 32 points and is currently fighting relegation to Serie C.

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