Were Ragnar and Rollo really brothers? The History of the Fact-Checking Vikings

vikings introduced the public to the legendary Norse warrior Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), who made several journeys and raids with his brother, Rollo (Clive Standen), but were the real Ragnar and Rollo also brothers? Created by Michael Hirst, vikings became one of the most popular and successful historical dramas of recent years, and was widely praised for the performances of its main cast. vikings it was full of drama, battles, and betrayals, and while it’s based on historical figures and events, it wasn’t always historically accurate.

During its first four seasons, vikings was led by Ragnar Lothbrok, accompanied by several raids alongside his fellow Vikings. Ragnar met his fate in vikings Season 4, after which his sons took over the series until the end, but one season 1 character who survived the entire series, though not returning in the final season, was Ragnar’s brother Rollo. Ragnar and Rollo’s relationship was marked by their rivalry, with Rollo tired of living under his famous brother’s shadow, and he eventually managed to part ways with Ragnar and become Duke of Normandy, while Ragnar was killed by King Aelle. Their rivalry was a focal point throughout the first few seasons of vikingsbut like many other things in the series, Rollo and Ragnar being brothers is not historically accurate.

Why did the vikings make the brothers Ragnar and Rollo

Vikings Rollo and Ragnar

It’s unclear exactly when and why Ragnar and Rollo’s rivalry began, but vikings revealed in the first episode that Rollo had feelings for Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Ragnar’s wife, with whom he had a relationship sometime before the events of the series. This led to speculation about who Björn’s real father was, though the series never gave an official answer. Now, as dramatic and interesting as Rollo and Ragnar’s dynamic was, these two were not brothers in real life, and while Rollo was a real person, Ragnar’s existence is still debated by historians, who mostly agree that he is. an amalgamation of different historical figures. . As for why vikings chose to play Rollo of Normandy and the legendary Norse figure of the brothers Ragnar Lothbrok, probably has to do with how Hirst and company wanted to show the Vikings and their arrival in France, with many of them becoming Normans, as Ragnar stayed with his brothers Vikings, while Rollo chose to stay in France and became the first ruler of Normandy.

What happened to the real Ragnar & Rollo

Vikings Why Rollo Hates Ragnar

Rollo was a true Viking and ruler of Normandy, who led many raids before settling in northern France, where he married Princess Gisla. Among Rollo’s descendants are William Longsword, Richard the Fearless and Gerloc (also known as Adele), who married William III, Duke of Aquitaine. Another direct descendant of Rollo is Emma of Normandy, who is one of the main characters in the sequel series. Vikings: Valhalla, and the real Rollo died sometime between 928 and 933. As for Ragnar, he is believed to have been based on the Viking leader Reginherus, King Horik I of Denmark (who appears in the series), and King Reginfrid, who ruled part of Denmark and came into conflict with Harald Klak, Horik’s predecessor. With that in mind, it’s not possible to know what happened to the real Ragnar, although the sagas say he died when he was thrown into a snake pit, just like in vikingsbut taking into account that he may be a combination of the aforementioned historical figures, Ragnar could have been assassinated (Rginherus), died in battle (Horik), or died in an invasion attempt (Reginfrid).

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