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WhatsApp Message is a tool that allows you to insert personalized phrases in your profile. They can be seen by both phonebook contacts and unsaved numbers. Because of this, the space can be used for various purposes, such as to post information about establishments (in the case of WhatsApp Business), or even phrases, snippets of songs and emojis. In the next few lines, find out how to put a Message on WhatsApp, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, and see tips.

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WhatsApp allows users to enter personalized messages in the “Message” section — Photo: Fernando Braga/TechTudo

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To enter a message on WhatsApp using an iPhone (iOS), open the messenger and go to “Settings”, at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap your name to open the profile edit page. In the “Message” section, set a message or choose one of the options offered by the app. Finally, tap on “Save” on the upper right side of the screen.

Customizing the WhatsApp Message tab via iPhone — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

On Android, the path is a little different: open the application and tap on the three dots icon, located at the top right of the screen. Then, access the “Settings” option and click on “Message”, an action that will open a page to edit it. Then, select the pencil icon and enter the desired message. If you want, you can also select one of the options provided by the messenger, such as “Available”, “Busy” and “At school”.

Changing the message on the “Message” tab on an Android device — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

It is also possible to make the change through WhatsApp Web. To do this, access the messenger and select the three dots icon at the top left of the screen. Then go to “Settings”, tap on the message and finally select the pencil icon next to the phrase. Write the new message and confirm to save it.

It is possible to insert personalized messages in the Message tab through WhatsApp Web — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

Tips on what to put in the Message Whatsapp

  • If you are a Business and/or have a professional account

The “Message” feature can be very useful for WhatsApp Business or professional messenger accounts. Through it, it is possible to insert greetings or give notices such as “I am on vacation” and “We are open”. Another option is to add phrases that attract customers, such as the business slogan, or specify a rule to have greater control over calls, such as “We don’t hear voice messages!”. The space can be used in different ways – just think of short texts, suitable for communicating with the public.

Many users prefer to use ready-made phrases in the WhatsApp Message tab, such as quotes from famous authors. In this sense, some applications can be of great help to ensure more inspiration – such as Pinterest, a photo-sharing social network that has several references.

To find them, just search for simple terms, such as “phrases” or “quotes”, and choose one of the options presented. There are also apps for Android and iPhone (iOs) mobile phones that aim to bring together inspiring excerpts; an example is “Messages, Phrases and Status Ready”, which brings together a selection of short phrases to use on social networks.

Applications such as Pinterest bring together several phrases and quotes that can be used as a Message on WhatsApp — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

  • Search for phrases in music apps

Streaming apps like Spotify and Resso are also good sources of inspiration for customizing WhatsApp Message. Through them, it is possible to listen to music and, at the same time, visualize the lyrics, which can serve to find a creative option to put in the messenger.

In addition, the Google Play Store and the App Store also have apps that aim to collect snippets of songs, such as “Trechos e Frases de Músicas”. In some of them, the phrases are separated by artists or genres, such as “Pop”, “Rock” and “Samba”, a very useful feature for searching.

Apps like Spotify and Resso can inspire users with snippets of songs — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

Emojis are a great option for when you don’t know what to write, as they help to express feelings and emotions. Faces are so used that they have become a “second language” on social media. Therefore, they can also be inserted in the “Message” tab of WhatsApp.

However, it is important to note that the icons can be interpreted in different ways by your contacts, so you need to pay attention to the meaning of each one before using them. To learn what each emoji used on WhatsApp means, head over to our guide.

The use of emojis is a good option for users who do not know what to write in the Message tab, helping to express feelings and emotions — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

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