Where to watch ‘A Hero’, controversial Iranian feature – 10/05/2022 – Illustrated

During a temporary release from jail, a man returns a purse to its owner, and becomes famous. But to regain his freedom, he needs to pay off a debt.

Two-time Oscar winner, Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi has been accused by a former student of plagiarizing an idea of ​​hers for “A Hero”, awarded at Cannes.

For purchase or rent on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Claro TV+, Google Play, Vivo Play, YouTube, 12 years old

The Telephone of Mr. Harrigan

A boy who is bullied at school befriends a billionaire, played by Michael Caine. When he dies, the boy begins to receive calls from beyond. Based on a short story by Stephen King.

Netflix, 14 years old

the imposter

Actress Eunice Muñoz, who died in April and was the equivalent of Fernanda Montenegro in Portugal, stars in this 2017 Portuguese telenovela, whose second season debuts on the service.

Globoplay, 14 years old

A Chance to Fight

A one-armed MMA fighter competes in the featherweight championship and feels he represents all people with physical disabilities. Unprecedented not only on open TV, but also in Brazilian cinemas.

Globe, 15:30, 12 years old


In this French-language Canadian thriller, several inhabitants of a small town turn into zombies, forcing the survivors to flee or fight.

Telecine Premium, 22h, 16 years old

The Weight of the Past

Actress Nicole Kidman made herself ugly to play a policewoman tormented by a botched operation she participated in many years ago.

HBO Mundi, 22:02, 16 years old

New Seasons on Star+

Also shown by Sony Channel, the new crops of two successful series arrive on the platform. In season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, the doctor Meredith rebuilds her life after surviving Covid-19. In the fifth phase of “Station 19”, Seattle firefighters face challenges in their relationships.

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