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THE 5th season in The Tale of the AIA – The Handmaid’s Tale – promises to be even more mysterious. For fans of the series, this is a revelation that still brings a lot of curiosity, as the last one ended with Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) not knowing that her husband Fred (Joseph Fiennes) had died.

But, if you’ve had a chance to see some footage from the new episodes, you’ve noticed that some scenes feature June (Elizabeth Moss) and Serena Joy in mourning outfits. Did it or didn’t it give you a taste of wanting more?

So you don’t feel alone while the new chapters are not released yet, Tip App of the Day and UOL Play decided to tell some news of The Tale of the AIA. Let’s do it by steps?

So let’s stay on top of what has been prepared for the series that will soon be at your disposal on UOL Play!

What We Already Know About Season 5 of The AIA’s Tale

It is a fact that the program O Conto da AIA has consolidated itself as another success.

The production, which brings new episodes, promises to show June suffering the consequences of the murder of Commander Fred Waterford.

On the one hand, the protagonist will try to redefine her identity, on the other, the widow Joy will stop at nothing to elevate her status in Toronto, as Gilead’s forces increase in Canada. Speaking of power, in the first few scenes of Season 5 you will witness Waterford’s grandiose funeral.

So you might be wondering, but was the commander well-regarded in Gilead? No, but we can’t forget that he was a high-ranking person.

This is the justification for such a majestic farewell. Is Serena Joy ready for a new fight? Some previews show the character exercising in prison, implying that she is strengthening herself for some event that we still don’t know what it is about.

Episode names and plot

Expectations for season 5 of The Tale of the AIA are the best possible. After all, the last one showed viewers how June planned the death of her former attacker, Commander Fred Waterford.

In the last chapter released, the scene where June appears with blood on her face, cradling her daughter next to Fred’s body, left all of us with several fleas behind our ears.

The good news is that if you couldn’t wait to find out how this thrilling sequel unfolds, the wait is coming to an end. In fact, the name of the next ten episodes has already been released and may give some clues about what’s to come.

The first two, titled “Mourning” and “Ballet” were directed by Elisabeth Moss, who also produces the series.

Then we have “Maypole”, “Dear Offred”, “Fairytale”, “Together” and “No Man’s Land”, which promises to revive the season four finale, showing the place where Fred Waterford was killed.

Fred’s Death and Funeral

The commander’s murder sensitizes a lot of people, quite an opportunity for Serena to gain great popularity.

Even June notices that the setting is getting more and more comfortable for the character, as the whole world is looking at her at that grandiose funeral!

Serena’s Popularity and Prominence in Canada

Is it common for a woman to smile at her own husband’s funeral? Well, the widow’s controversial attitude makes it clear that she can win a legion of supporters. Will Serena be able to sustain this popularity for long?

June vs Serena

Season 5 of The AIA’s Tale bets on an electrifying duel between June and Serena. Those who have followed the series for some time, have already noticed that the two characters live a very troubled relationship. At times it seems that they will become great partners, and then they become arch enemies again.

What we can say is that this cat and mouse fight continues, and it only tends to get worse!

June’s identity struggle

Ending the life of a powerful dictator can have serious consequences in the protagonist’s life.

Because of this, June will spend most of season 5 of The AIA’s Tale in uphill “battles”.

In one of them, the character will have the help of Luke (OT Fagbenle) and Moira (Samira Wiley) to fight Gilead, while continuing her mission to save Hannah (Jordana Blake).

When will season 5 of The AIA’s Tale be released?

In the United States, the next chapters will be shown from the 14/09.

In Brazil, the new episodes will arrive on September 18. The news was recently announced by the Paramount+!

The series that was born in the books and chronicles a dystopian future of Gilead, a totalitarian society built on what was once the United States, has won thousands of fans around the world. Therefore, the final season of this success is marked by much speculation and curiosity on the part of the public.

After all, it’s been five years since the first episode of the series was presented to the public and, since then, it has conquered a legion of fans.

If you also can’t wait to marathon the 5th and final season of this story, the good news is that it’s very little left for that to happen!

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