5 captivating period series similar to Netflix’s The Empress

the empress gives Netflix follows the story of Elisabeth of Bavaria, who marries Emperor Franz of Austria and begins a life that introduces her to the trials of being queen.

What started out as a simple act of love becomes more complicated as royal duties put distance between Franz and Elisabeth, with the latter growing increasingly weary in her life. Still, she cannot shirk her responsibilities.

Slowly, she learns to embrace challenges and becomes a real figure beloved among the masses.

If her captivating story has left you hungry for more period dramas about the queens who are known for their indomitable spirit, then we have some great tips for you.

Here are series similar to the empress that you can watch in different streams:

Bridgerton (Available on Netflix)


The story takes place in the luxurious and competitive world of London high society during the British Regency. At the center of the plot is the powerful family bridgertonmade up of eight brothers, who will dive into the troubled wedding market.

the first season of bridgerton adapt the book The Duke and Ifocused on the deal between Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon, Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page).

In the face of societal pressures, he begins to pretend to court her, thus fending off husband-obsessed women behind him, while attracting the attention of potential candidates to the witty young woman. The problem is that, little by little, their attraction ceases to be a lie.

The Great (Available on Globoplay and Amazon Prime Video Premium)

The Great tells the story of the troubled marriage of the powerful Empress Catherine (Elle Fanning) of Russia to Tsar Peter III (Nicholas Hoult). Both had extramarital affairs and cultivated an explosive relationship.

Outlander (Available on Netflix)

In 1945, at the end of World War II, nurse Claire Randall returns to her husband, with whom she enjoys a second honeymoon in Inverness, British Isles.

During the journey, she is drawn to an ancient stone circle, where she witnesses mysterious rituals. Days later, when she decides to return to the place, something inexplicable happens: she is transported to the year 1743, in a violent Scotland dominated by warring clans.

Realizing she’s been transported to the past by forces she doesn’t understand, Claire must face intrigue and dangers that could threaten her life and divide her heart.

Vitória: The Life of a Queen (Available on Globoplay)

The series will chronicle the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign, from her accession to the throne at the age of 18, to her intense friendship and passion with Lord Melbourne, her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert, and finally to the birth of her first child. , Victory.

Victory is a beautiful series, from its passionate story to its impeccable costumes, in which we will be presented with the importance that the Queen had not only for the United Kingdom, but for the whole world. Many say that it is quite faithful to real events and that makes us want to pay even more attention to the details.

And their romance is also a high point. We will see a beautiful love story between the Queen and Prince Albert. I would venture to say that they are one of the most charming couples I have ever seen, rivaling the Daphne it’s the Duke in bridgerton.

the empress

Sissi (Available on Globoplay)

The story tells the life of the empress of Austria, Elizabeth Amalia Eugenia in Wittelsbachwhose figure has inspired many creations, including movies, cartoons, documentaries, novels, and more.

But in this new show we will see his story told uncensored and in a respectable way. Sissi will truly tell us the story of the empress, from her adolescence, after her meeting with the Emperor Franz Joseph I and the complicated relationship with her mother-in-law Sofia, to the most painful parts of her existence, like the loss of two children.

The second season of Sissi is confirmed, however, there is still no release date.

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