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Cod puff pastry with leek and a touch of honey.

Cod puff pastry with leek and a touch of honey. Photo: Ricardo D’Angelo

Old mansions in Portugal have been transformed into a kind of gallery, bringing together different attractions – boutiques, restaurants and bars. Because a venture of the kind has just opened its doors in São Paulo. It is Casa Cascais. Global actor thing Ricardo Tozzi, who has been thinking about the subject since he spent a season with a play in Lisbon. He joined fellow investors and set up a restaurant, café, gastronomic emporium (with Portuguese products, wines, breads and pastries from his own bakery), fitness center and hairdresser in a listed mansion, in Jardim Europa.

The Pátio das Cantigas restaurant, serving Portuguese cuisine, is the soul of the place. The tables are spread out between a covered patio and a terrace with a fireplace where the bar is also located. The pleasant, spacious atmosphere, decorated with charm, invites you to enjoy a long lunch on the weekend – when, by the way, there are special dishes such as stew, mountain goat and suckling pig, among other made-to-order classics.

In the kitchen, who gives the orders is Conceição Costa, the “Ção”, Portuguese from Beira Baixa. Her codfish cake is a must (one of the best I’ve ever tasted), very delicate, with a soft filling and a dry crust (portion of 6 units, R$ 27). The duck rice with paio is drier than usual here, but full of flavor. It comes in a clay pot (R$98). When it comes to cod, it is difficult to choose between the seven options. The chef’s cod dish is splintered at the touch of a fork, accompanied by shrimp, red onion and sautéed potatoes (R$165). The menu also has the classics with cream (R$98), à Zé do Pipo (R$125), à Brás (R$95) and a cod puff pastry with leeks with a touch of honey, accompanied by mashed spinach (R$109), a good option too.

For dessert, don’t worry about ordering pastel de nata, which comes in miniature with your coffee. If you want bigger, it’s in the shop. I wouldn’t do without the drunk pear, cooked in red wine with sugar and cinnamon, served with lemon cream (R$22). The patio cake is another great option, a layered sponge cake with egg jam (R$28). The musical program of the house has not yet started, but pocket shows of vadio fado – informal, with young artists are promised. The wine list is 100% Portuguese.

It is located at Avenida Nove de Julho, 4984. Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

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