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I had already read some reviews in American magazines and newspapers saying that “Amsterdam” was just hats and no cattle, as they say over there, when a person looks like a successful farmer, but it’s pure facade. I doubted everyone. It couldn’t be. With this cast, this filmmaker, it couldn’t be.

It must be an American “woke” thing — those who problematize issues such as racism and sexism — because of the backstage news or even personal life, in which apparently 64-year-old David O. Russell has a habit of behaving in a different way. dubious way. A transgender niece accused him of harassment in 2012, later claiming the contact had been consensual but that she hadn’t felt well. The case ended up not going ahead.

Actress Amy Adams said in an interview that the director constantly made her cry on the set of 2013’s “American Hustle” because he treated cast and crew with disrespect. A video that went viral in the early 2000s showed a heated argument between him and actress Lily Tomlin on the set of 2004’s “Huckabees.”

Even good-natured George Clooney even slapped Russell on the set of 1999’s “Three Kings” and swore he’d never work with the filmmaker again, which he never did.

But the dramas that take place behind the camera are one thing and another, quite different, is what reaches the cinema screens. And David O. Russell is the name behind such delights as 1996’s “Finding Trouble” with Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette, Mary Tyler Moore and Alan Alda; “Silver Linings Playbook”, 2012, with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Tucker and Robert De Niro; and “American Hustle”, which also had Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, in addition to Christian Bale – another one who also knew him since “The Victor”, in 2010, which he did with Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams, the same one who later cried on set. of “Cheating”.

In other words, he must be one of those brilliant and witty bosses, who you can work with when everything is going well in your personal life, but who, when the person is sadder or more fragile, the thing catches up. Hopefully, some of us have had or will have one of these. It’s no secret that a genius boss is a rare thing in the job market.

But in “Amsterdam” the magic just doesn’t happen. And look what happens to chuchu in this feature film of two hours and 14 minutes long (I’ve written this before, it will become a mantra, but at least it’s not a series).

The plot, full of twists and turns (so many that you can leave in the middle of the movie, have a drink and come back not understanding anything, more or less how someone who doesn’t take a break is like), can be summed up in this way: two friends, played by Christian Bale and John David Washington, witness a murder in which they become prime suspects.

To clear their names and not be arrested, they team up with a friend, played by Margot Robbie, who they met years earlier in Amsterdam, during World War I, and end up unraveling a crazy conspiracy to turn the United States into a dictatorship in the 1930s. .

“A lot of this story really happened,” says the filmmaker in the opening credits. Who knows, maybe that’s the problem? Maybe if he had left out the made-up parts it wouldn’t have worked?

The problem here is precisely the attempt to make a film that is part comedy, part social satire, part drama, part suspense, part forbidden romance, part declaration of love for friendship, part apology for American democracy. That’s a lot of parts for one movie. It does not fit.

Along the way, David O. Russell achieves what seemed impossible: make the audience bored in the presence of Chris Rock and Taylor Swift, Christian Bale and Mike Myers, Robert De Niro and Anya Taylor-Joy, John David Washington and Margot Robbie, plus beautiful than ever.

Even the dead are talented. Yes, the story also has a man killed in mysterious circumstances, played by the amazing Ed Begley Jr. Timothy Olyphant, Michael Shannon, Zoe Saldaña and Rami Malek are also part of the cast.

You know an amazing party, in a beautiful place, full of nice people, with good music, perfect sound, but without drinks or food? It’s like that.

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