Andrea Berloff and John Gatins Sign Creative Partnership with Netflix

  • Oscar-nominated screenwriters Andrea Berloff and John Gatins partnered with Netflix to create feature films.

  • Andrea Berloff: “The film development system hasn’t worked well for a long time. Me and Gatins talked a lot about how to improve this engine, both for the filmmakers and the studios. We were very excited that Netflix valued this new approach and invited us to join the team. Also, working with Ori, Kira and Scott is a unique opportunity.”

  • John Gatins: “Andrea and I have worked very well with Kira, Ori and Scott over the last few years. It’s an incredible opportunity to work exclusively with them on Netflix films.”

  • Kira Goldberg and Ori Marmur, Vice Presidents of Netflix Studio Films: “From thrilling dramas based on true stories to action adventures and comedies, Andrea Berloff and John Gatis have created blockbuster films of all genres. We are delighted to begin a creative partnership with these two highly recognized and versatile professionals.” .

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Andrea Berloff is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Oscar-nominated, she was the writer and director of “Queens of Crime,” released by Warner Bros. in 2019. She also co-wrote the biography “Straight Outta Compton-The Story of the NWA”, nominated for Producers Guild, Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild and Critics Choice Awards and named one of the top ten films of 2015 by the American Film Institute. For this film, Berloff was nominated for an Oscar and a WGA Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Some other works by Berloff were “The Twin Towers”, directed by Oliver Stone, released in 2006 by Paramount, and “Crimes at Dawn”, released in 2016 by Open Road. He also co-wrote “Herança de Sangue”, directed by Jean-Francois Richet, and “The Mother”, with Jennifer Lopez, which is coming soon to Netflix. He is currently working with John Gatins under contract with Netflix. Because she loves mentoring young filmmakers, Berloff has consulted with organizations and programs such as the WGA, Universal Emerging Writers Program, Blacklist and Sundance Institute, and Women in Film. She has also been a board member of the WGA and currently serves on the board of the Franco American Cultural Fund, as well as serving on the Executive Committee of Screenwriters of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


John Gatins was born in New York and graduated in Performing Arts from Vassar College in 1990. He later moved to Los Angeles, where he wrote the screenplay for “Summer Play” (directed by Mike Tollin) and “Hardball – The Game of Life” (directed by Brian Robbins). He also created and executive produced the pilot “Learning Curve” for Tollin/Robbins and Warner Brothers, as well as co-writing “Coach Carter: Training for Life,” a basketball drama starring Samuel L. Jackson. Gatins made his directorial debut with his own screenplay, “Dreamer,” starring Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell. He also wrote “Giants of Steel” with Hugh Jackman, Evageline Lilly and Anthony Mackie, as well as executive producer on Brian Robbins’ comedy “Right to Hell.” Gatins was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay for the film “The Flight” and was a producer on “Need for Speed ​​- The Movie” for Dreamworks. More recently, he wrote the screenplay for “Power Rangers”. He is currently collaborating with Andrea Berloff on the script of “War of 84” for Netflix.

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