Cafu loses house due to debt of R$ 11 million

Captain of the penta in 2002, Cafu lost his house by a court decision.  Immobile was the auction.

Captain of the penta in 2002, Cafu lost his house by a court decision. Property was up for auction. Photo: (Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

Champion of the 1994 World Cup, in the United States, and 2002, when he was captain of the Brazilian National Team, in South Korea and Japan, the former soccer player Cafu lost a house because of a court order. A debt that the former right-back has, in the approximate amount of R$ 11 million, caused the property to be put up for auction.

The 154-square-meter townhouse is located in a condominium in Morumbi Sul, a region of the city of São Paulo. Appraised at R$ 662 thousand by a hired expert, the site was bought for R$ 333.3 thousand. On the 22nd of September, according to the UOLthe auction letter for the house was granted to the new owners by judge Bruno Paes Straforini.

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The reason for the judicial penalty would be a lawsuit filed by Vob Cred Securitizadora, still in February 2018, against a company owned by Cafu, Capi-Penta International Football Player Ltd. During the course of the process, Cafu tried to challenge the auction, in addition to claiming that the Justice committed “a real excess” by pawning all his assets.

Cafu’s argument was not accepted by the Justice, which determined the transfer of the property to the name of the auction winner and did not take into account the allegations of irregularities in the process that the former football player raised for it to be annulled and he not lose his property and other assets he owns and were involved in the act of attachment.

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