Christian Bale Says ‘Thor’ 4′ Green Screen Set Was ‘Monotonous’

Recently Christian Bale joined the gigantic and extremely starred cast that makes up the MCU when he gave life to the villain Gorr, the Butcher of God, alongside Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and Taika Waititi in “Thor: Love and Thunder”latest release of Marvel Studios in cinemas.

And in an interview with GQ, the actor — who is known for his roles in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy, “American Hustle” and “American Psycho” — said he was drawn to the project because he liked “Thor: Ragnarok” and thought Gorr was an “intriguing character”, however, did not speak so well of the famous chroma key, the green background used in the filming that allows the insertion of CGI in the films.

According to the star, filming in empty sets was a “monotony” and that he couldn’t “differentiate one day from the other”.

“It’s my first time doing this. I mean, the definition of it is monotony. You have good people. You have other actors who are much more experienced at this than I am. Can you tell one day from the next? No. Absolutely not. You have no idea what to do. I couldn’t even tell one stage from the other. They kept saying, ‘You’re in Stage Three.’ Well, it’s like, ‘Which one is this?’, ‘The blue one.’ They’re like, ‘Yes. But you’re on stage seven.’ ‘Which is this one?’. ‘The blue one.’ I was like, ‘Uh, where?'”.

Bale, known for being a method actor, revealed that he still hasn’t tried to stay in character as Gorr between takes, unlike other projects where he stayed in the role during the filming period.

“That would have been a regretful attempt to do that while I’m trying to get help getting my fangs on and off and explaining that I’ve broken a nail or am tripping over my tunic,” he commented.

In the cast of “Amsterdam”, Bale even joked that he had to “isolate” from Chris Rock, as he was “so funny I couldn’t act”.

“I had to go to him, I said, ‘Man, I love talking to you, and we have mutual friends, but I can’t do that anymore,'” Bale said. “Because David [O. Russell, diretor do filme] didn’t ask me to make this movie so he could just watch me laugh. He wants me to be Burt and I’m forgetting how to be Burt'”.

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