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By: Mary Ellen Farias dos Santos

In October 2022

“Avatar”, a hit released in 2009, returned to movie theaters in 2022, after all, on December 15, the sequel to this box office phenomenon debuts. To remember the 2h 45 plot and, thus, get involved with the next film, I went to spend an afternoon at Cineflix Cinemas, in Santos. I thought to myself: either I leave the movie theater loving the movie or I reinforce the disappointment of when I saw it at the time. Yea! I was one of the people who watched it in 3D and left with a headache.

And isn’t it that on the big screen in 2D, without those effects popping from the screen towards the eyes, I was delighted? I completely changed my mind about production. high tech so revered from Jlove Cameron. I can say in all words that I watched another movie and it was quite an experience, with a 100% positive result.

Thirteen years later I have fully paid attention to the story, which is full of meanders, as well as enjoying the visual glimpse it offers. Brief scenes, which don’t even have dialogue, made completely for pure enjoyment. Promoting the immersion of the audience in an increasing and not forced way – as when we use 3D glasses that, during a long film, start to mark the face and even hurt it.

The science fiction production is very rich, completely timeless, even if it is an adventure through the imaginary Pandora. In the end, “Avatar” portrays the meeting of two distinct worlds, something in the style “Pocahontas“. A native, daughter of the great leader, and a soldier. He assumes the post of assistant to clear the land for his people to extract mineral goods, but, while learning the customs of that people, he falls in love.

And as all fiction has its point of reality, Parker along with Colonel Miles responsible for the operation carries out the agreement, on the basis of “die who dies”, putting on the screen a lot of destruction, including nature, and deaths. This colonel reminds me of someone in power in Brazil today, doesn’t he? Thus, the greed of a spoiled and unscrupulous person consumes everything mercilessly and leaves a stupendous kingdom in tatters.

Another interesting point to review “Avatar” is that, in the end, after the names of the main actors are shown, extra scenes come in revealing that the sequence will take place under water, in a kind of sneak peek, a snippet of the new movie for us to spy on, and highlights the title of the sequence that is “Avatar: The Way of the Waters”.

* Mary Ellen is editor of the cultural portal www.resenhando.comjournalist, teacher and screenwriter, as well as creator of Twitter:@maryellenfsm

Avatar (Avatar, 2009)
Rating: 10 years (Violence). Genre: Adventure. Duration: 2:45 am. Director: James Cameron. Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver. Synopsis: Special re-release of the 2009 film with never-before-seen footage.

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