Dahmer: 13 True Crime movies and series to watch later

The successful series Ryan Murphy on Netflix, Dahmer: An American Cannibalgained great repercussion last month, winning the title of the most brutal series on the platform.

Whether for those who were too disgusted or repudiated the production for not taking into account the opinion of the families involved in the case, it’s impossible to deny that the True Crime genre has been on a high in recent weeks.

So, taking advantage of this wave of interest, we at Pixel Nerd we decided to gather 13 movies and series true crimes that you can watch right after marathoning the series based on the real case.

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1. American Crime Story: Versace

What better way to start a list of Dahmer-like series than one by its own creator?

American Crime Story is an anthology series Ryan Murphy that explores the world’s most shocking and impressive American true crimes. Following the premise of Murphy’s previous hit series, American Horror Storyeach season tells a different story.

In the first season, the plot explored the case of OJ Simpson, the former football player accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown along with her friend Ronald Goldman.

In season two, the series focuses on the murder of Gianni Versace, founder of the brand with his surname who was shot in front of his mansion by Andrew Cunanan, a twenty-eight-year-old who was wanted by the FBI eight days before his suicide. .

Winner of two Golden Globes for the beautiful performance of Darren Crissthe series won another season that portrays the affair between the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, called American Crime Story: Impeachment.

The series with all seasons is available on Star+.

2. House of Hammer

If it’s to talk about true crime cases, House of Hammer is the real documentary about the allegations involving a great Hollywood actor, Armie Hammer.

Hammer starred Call Me By Your Name, romance drama that won Oscar nominations. The allegations involving the actor began in early 2021, months after his divorce from his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and gained astronomical proportions when reports came with prints of social media messages.

The documentary available at Prime Video features three episodes where victims track Armie’s behavior when they were alone with him, as well as a history of blackmail schemes involving the Hammer family’s wealth exposed by the actor’s own aunt.

3. The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

In the third item on the list, The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson was the real case of the mysterious death involving activist and trans woman, Marsha Johnson who started, alongside other women, the first march for the LGBTQIAP community in Stonewall.

Decades after her death, her friend and fellow trans woman Victoria Cruz actively struggles with transphobia as she uncovers facts from the past surrounding the fateful night Marsha and Sylvia Rivera faced police violence against the community in a New York bar.

Threatened by the mob and loved by many people, both Marsha and Sylvia could have their legacy revisited on Netflix.

4. Mindhunter

If you think it was through Dahmer that Netflix subscribers discovered the existence of true crime, it’s because you’ve never heard of de mindhunter.

Released in 2017, the series revolved around two FBI agents, Holden (Jonathan Groff) and Bill (Holt McCallany) who managed to expand the criminal field with studies that would call what we know today as “serial killers”.

Profilers can only leverage their project alongside Wendy (Anna Torv) a highly influential psychiatrist who joins the pair in the study.

Adaptation of the book by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, the production was highly praised in its first season for the beautiful performance of Cameron Britton as Edmund Kemper and for bringing to life one of American culture’s notorious criminals, Charles Manson, in season two.

Unfortunately, Netflix was slowly dropping the series and fans never got to see a third season. With the backlash from Dahmer, many hope the platform will reconsider.

5. In Heaven’s Name

Starred by Andrew Garfield, who gave life to the Amazing Spider Man, In Heaven’s Name It is yet another true crime series based on a true story.

Adapted from the book by Jon Krakauer, “By the Banner of Heaven”, the plot revolves around the brutal murder of Brenda Lafferty and her newborn daughter, just 15 months old. The crime happened to a Mormon family in Utah who had strong traits of religious fanaticism.

While the novel chronicles what actually happened to Brenda in a documented way, the series focuses on Jeb Pyre, a detective who slowly connects the incident to the real culprits in the investigation.

The series has 4 episodes and is available on the platform Star+.

6. Jack’s Room

Jack’s Room deals with the kidnapping of a young Joy who was kidnapped at a young age from her family by a man named Jeff. Held captive for years, she gives birth to Jack and struggles daily to explain to the little one why they can’t leave.

One day, Joy hatches a plan to finally get rid of the man, but what freedom was supposed to mean is just the beginning of a war to adapt her son to the world he’s never known.

The film is inspired by a real case in the United States when authorities discovered that Josef Fritzl he kept his daughter for twenty-four years in private prison, in addition to having sexually abused her and had seven children during that period.

7. King Cobra

Another movie based on real murder cases is King Cobra with James Franco and Christian Slater. The production dates back to a gay porn scandal involving actor Brent Corrigan and the murder of Bryan Kocis, the studio director who discovered the young man early in the industry.

The story has it all: pedophilia, rape, threats, murder and a revenge story between an adult film producer and his boyfriend.

When Brent (already of legal age) can’t get his name cleared to work with different people in the business, the director becomes the target of two lunatics who want to eliminate him at all costs.

8. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

For those who liked Dahmer, which tells the story of the murderer through the eyes of the victim, it will certainly be interesting to watch another movie based on the story of a famous serial killer.

In Ted Bundy: The Irresistible Face of Evilthe story presents us with the point of view of Liz, the girlfriend of one of the most famous killers in the USA, who starts to live confused whether or not to believe in Bundy’s innocence in the face of the accusations made.

The feature that demonstrates the slur and gaslighting used by the psychopath starred in 2019 with Zac Efron, lily collins, Kaya Scodelario and more.

9. The Dropout

Leaving aside the famous murders and serial killers, The Dropout it’s more of a corporate scandal than an entry into another psyche of a sociopathic mind.

The series is based on the case that reverberated last year involving Elizabeth Holmes, American biotechnology businesswoman in the Sicilian Valley. Holmes claimed patenting a technological design that would monitor the body and deliver highly accurate test results.

But thanks to an investigation by a Wall Street Journal reporter, Elizabeth was exposed and charged with four frauds earlier this year.

In the production launched in March of this year, Amanda Seyfried stars as Holmes alongside Dylan Minnette and Naveen Andrews. Here in Brazil, the series is available on Star+.

10. The Boy Who Killed My Parents

Last year, the Brazilian internet went crazy with the double launch of The Boy Who Killed My Parents and The Girl Who Killed Her Parentsfilm based on the famous murder case involving Suzane Richthofen and the Cravinhos Brothers that shocked the country.

Richtofen, along with boyfriend Daniel and brother-in-law Cristian, executed his parents on October 31, 2002.

The films have a distinct characteristic, one by the narrative told from Richtofen’s point of view, and the other by Daniel. In the lead role, the actress and former BBB Carla Diaz plays Suzane while Leonardo Bittencourt step into Daniel’s skin.

The production will feature another title for the franchise, The Girl Who Killed Her Parents – The Confession which, according to the director Mauricio Eçawill be rawer than the first two.

Both films are available on Prime Video.

11. Making Anna

Produced by Shonda Rhimes (same creator of bridgerton and Grey’s Anatomy), inventing Anna it is also another case of embezzlement that does not involve deaths or extreme cases of psychopathy.

In the Netflix series, we follow Anna Delvey, a scammer who uses the name Anna Solkin to pose as a renowned figure to the US elite.

Starred by Julia Gardner, who rocked her performance in Ozark, the series has nine episodes inspired by a real case of Russian imposter Anna Sorokina who pretended to be an heiress to apply scams and fraud. In this farce, Anna took more than $270,000.

12. The Girl From Plainville

in the miniseries The Girl From PlainvilleElle Fanning plays Michelle Carter, the teenager accused of having made her 18-year-old boyfriend Conrad Roy commit suicide.

The series chronicles the events from the moment Michelle learns that Conrad is dead to her introduction as a kind of widow to his family. Michelle’s parents, however, never heard from the boy and their encounters weren’t real.

In the real case, Conrad’s mother he’d only seen Michelle once before her son’s death from carbon monoxide poisoning in his truck.

Michelle was convicted of sending messages encouraging the act, with the last one ordering Conrad to get back in the car when he showed signs that he was about to give up on suicide.

The series is available on Star+.

13. Eyes That Condemn

Closing the list with a golden key, eyes that condemn is a criminal case of racism involving five teenagers from the Harlem neighborhood of New York.

Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam and Korey Wise were wrongly accused – and without evidence – of being involved in a rape case they did not commit in 1989; when they were arrested, the teenagers had to prove their innocence.

The case was a crime of racism provided by the judiciary and by prosecutors who believed that Kevin, Antron, Raymond, Yusef and Korey, just because they were black, should be charged with the Central Park attack.

Although the responsible confessed years later his involvement in the crime, the series portrays an injustice committed to Korey Wise (who was not involved in the case, just accompanying a friend to the police station) in the last episode of the series.

That was our list. 13 movies and series to watch after Dahmer. Did you like our recommendations? Leave a comment!

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