epic comedy unravels fascist conspiracy

An ultranationalist and authoritarian political ideology, fascism is a topic of research and a reason for fear in several parts of the world – including Brazil. Common timing significant, Amsterdam (Amsterdam, USA, 2022) arrives this Thursday (6) in theaters addressing an attempt at fascist domination in the USA. Between historical facts and fiction, the film directed by David O. Russell (Cheating) delivers comedy and drama, without losing sight of the investigative tone.

production of 20th Century Studiosthe title has its narrative established in 1933, when friends and veterans of the First World War, Burt Berendsen (Christian Balein Thor: Love and Thunder) and Harold Woodman (John David Washingtonin tenet), are hired to investigate the death of a renowned bond exchange director in New York City. However, the duo ends up incriminated and needs to find out who is behind this conspiracy.

The gravity of the case increases as Berendsen, an unconventional doctor, and Woodman, a strong-willed lawyer, uncover clues about the involvement of a secret society and members of the New York elite. As the investigation progresses, the film returns its eyes to a decade earlier, when Berendsen and Woodman befriended the strange nurse Valerie Voze (Margot Robbiein Suicide squad).

great cast

In addition to a very curious plot, Amsterdam becomes an impressive parade of talent, which begins with the presence of the singer Taylor Swift (The Giver of Memories) and goes to Robert DeNiro (the irish). The list also includes Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit), Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy), Chris Rock (Spiral – The Saw Legacy) and Michael Shannon (nine unknowns), among many others.


Although its many elements make it a little difficult to follow, Amsterdam offers a relevant story that is told in a funny way and full of eccentric figures – giving it that “director’s film” look. The message about the importance of friendship in times of storm is also a point to be highlighted, as it stands out from the romance between Harold and Valerie. However, the slow development of plots makes the experience somewhat tiring.

That is, if you go to the movies, prepare yourself: the 2h14 duration may seem too much.

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