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despite the iPhone 14 having been launched worldwide in September, the model plus had the start of sales postponed to this Friday (7).

And the first reviews of units offered by Apple to some influencers were published hours before the launch, so that users understand what are the real differences of this model in relation to others.

iPhone 14 vs. 14 Plus

It is worth noting that the iPhone 14 Plus offers all the same features as its smaller brother, the iPhone 14 (camera, video, processor, etc.), except for two main points.

first, the screen size: 6.7″ instead of 6.1″. In practice it is the same size as the Pro Max model.

Second, your autonomysince the battery is bigger: 26 hours against 20 hours in video playback, 20 hours against 16 in video streaming.

Another feature is that the Plus brings the same processor A15 Bionic of the iPhone 13, as we have already commented here.


Although the smaller size is more difficult to operate with one hand, it is much lighter than the Pro Max, which pays off when using it, according to Allison Johnson of The Verge.

It weighs 203 grams against the 240 grams of the 14 Pro Max model.


The larger screen undoubtedly brings more visual comfort to the user, as Sam Rutherford of Engadget points out.

This is most notable on web pages, long message lists and social networks like TikTok. However, he notes that for those who are already used to the Pro Motion of the Pro line and its 120Hz update, you will feel the difference.

Another notable difference from the Pro model is clearly the Dynamic Island, as the 14 Plus brings the same “notch” from the iPhone 13.


The promise of a very good autonomy was proven by the tests.

The Verge managed to make the battery last three days without needing to charge, just maintaining moderate usage:

As a general rule of thumb, a day of moderate use with about two hours of screen time and a lot of time away from Wi-Fi doesn’t consume more than 25% battery in my experience. By increasing the usage requirement, the two days without recharge remain achievable.

It’s worth noting that these testers only had their device for less than a week, which only allowed for a few tests.

The prospect of seeing him keep the battery for a few days is real, assures Sam Rutherford of Engadget, who describes himself above all as an android user and admits to being surprised by the performance of Plus in this area.

With typical use, it claims to have maintained more than 45% battery at the end of the day. As for the night, the phone lost only 1 or 2%, less than Android terminals that can consume 3-5%, according to him.


In conclusion, Allison Johnson at The Verge finds a little more arguments in the 14 Plus than in the 14, thanks to that screen and that autonomy that distinguish this model and will offer an undeniable comfort to who comes from an old iPhone.

For Sam Rutherford of Engadget, this model finally offers a pretty big screen without the need to invest in a Pro model.

Coming from an iPhone 8 Plus or XS Max, Apple’s old big phones, the iPhone 14 Plus is a very relevant option, Patrick Holland believes for CNET. Except for a few features we’ll miss along the way, like the XS’s 2x optical zoom. But on almost every other level the 14 Plus is an improvement.

Check out the test videos:

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