Flamengo’s performances: team can’t pierce booms on night of individual mistakes; see notes | Flamengo

Saints: Despite the fact that Internacional finished a lot, there was little demand. When asked, he showed his usual security.
Grade: 6.0

I rotated: He missed singles and made his third bad game in a row. Point of attention after such a positive moment from the arrival of Dorival. Note: 4.5

Best moments: Flamengo 0 x 0 Inter for the 30th round of the Brasileirão

Best moments: Flamengo 0 x 0 Inter for the 30th round of the Brasileirão

David Luiz: Took an unnecessary yellow card, but played without scares. Grade: 6.0

Leo Pereira: The best of Flamengo’s defensive system. He was the leader of tackles and still helped a lot in the construction against a very rebarred team.
Grade: 7.0

Filipe Luis: Regular departure. He was the player who gave most passes for Flamengo and showed to be physically well coming back to score until the end.
Grade: 6.0

Thiago Maia: A sequence of tackles after the three substitutions made the crowd stand up. He was very combative and made the ball spin at the moment of greatest offensiveness for Flamengo. Note: 6.5

João Gomes: A lot of combativeness, but little effective in the construction to try to pierce the bolt of Mano Menezes. Note: 5.5

Everton Ribeiro: Although he is one of the players who most tries difficult passes, he abused the errors in the foundation. He was the leader in pass errors of the match, with 17. Another one that was below average. Grade: 5.0

Arrascaeta: He didn’t maintain the level of the great performance against Bragantino, but he still created dangerous plays. He missed passes but stopped in Keiller’s great save. He also gave Pedro a great cross in the first half.
Grade: 6.0

Gabigol: He punctured a ball in the first half, but was by far the player who moved the most among the forwards. It is true that he made some mistakes in decision making, but until the end he was putting pressure on goalkeeper Keiller.
Note: 6.5

Pedro With Tite at Maracanã, there was no happy night. He missed silly passes in the first half and failed to score in crosses from Arrascaeta and Filipe Luís.
Grade: 5.0

Flamengo vs Internacional: Pedro — Photo: André Durão

Vidal: Flamengo’s midfield has improved a lot with his great passing quality. Needs to be used more by Dorival Júnior.
Note: 6.5

Matheuzinho: He was better than Rodinei, he gave more depth and entered by changing Flamengo’s offensive posture from the right side. In the end, production dropped a bit.
Grade: 6.0

Everton Cebolinha: He started creating opportunities on the left, but he didn’t maintain the level of the good game against Bragantino.
Note: 5.5

Matheus França: He made a lot of mistakes in decision making and in the final move of the game irritated the crowd with indecision in a move that could open on the right.
Grade: 5.0

“Flamengo wanted to sow panic in Corinthians.  It didn't work”, says Arthur|  The Voice of the Crowd

“Flamengo wanted to sow panic in Corinthians. It didn’t work”, says Arthur| The Voice of the Crowd

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