How much does an iPhone 14 cost? See when the device will be launched in Brazil

O iPhone 14 had its prices in Brazil revealed in September by Apple. However, the official release date still remained an enigma to people.

Now, however, it is already possible to know when all versions of the cell phone will be available for purchase in the national territory. In fact, the Plus version will be the one that will take the longest to be released here.

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When does the iPhone 14 arrive in Brazil? find out now

According to the manufacturer, the new iPhone 14 models will arrive in Brazil from October 14th. However, the pre-sale will be open later this Friday (7).

As announced, the base model will be released alongside the Pro and Pro Max versions. O iPhone Plus will only arrive later and does not yet have an official date to be informed.

In addition to the launch date, the brand also reinforced the price of their smartphones in national territory. If you still weren’t aware of the value, you can check each one of them below.

iPhone 14 prices for Brazil; see each one:

Prices are broken down by the storage capacity of each model.

iPhone 14:

  • 128 GB: R$ 7,599;
  • 256 GB: R$ 8,599;
  • 512 GB: BRL 10,599.

iPhone 14 Plus:

  • 128 GB: R$ 8,599;
  • 256 GB: BRL 9,599;
  • 512 GB: R$ 11,599.

iPhone 14 Pro:

  • 128 GB: BRL 9,499;
  • 256 GB: BRL 10,499;
  • 512 GB: BRL 12,499;
  • 1 TB: BRL 14,499.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • 128 GB: BRL 10,499;
  • 256 GB: R$ 11,499;
  • 512 GB: BRL 13,499;
  • 1 TB: BRL 15,499.

The reason for the delay of the iPhone 14 Plus version has not yet been revealed. However, technology analysts believe that it may be linked to low demand in Brazil. The price is quite expensive and loses a lot in terms of value for money compared to others. In addition, demand for other models is much higher in the country.

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